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Random Thoughts


I've got a lot of pent up aggression!


  • Last night after Intel (INTC:NASD), the S&P's were only up three to five handles. That, to me, indicated supply in the marketplace (as Sammy discussed this morning).

  • The banks filled their gap at BKX 895.

  • The PPH (Pharma holders) are sitting on the point & figure breakout (79-80) and the 50-day moving average (as well as being close to a stochastic buy signal). I'm using some defined risk upside calls in this product to hedge my short side exposure. So you know and if ya care! (note: the OIH retested it's point and figure breakout last week and melted right through it).

  • Just're a Minyan!

  • Pin risk galore out there--watch INTC 25, Amgen (AMGN:NASD) 70, Citigroup (C:NYSE) 45..ect.

  • I'm getting old....I didn't recognize a lot of the MLB All-Stars last night. Those kids!

  • How many times have you spent a night bummin' that you were gonna take a beating the next day only to make money once the market opened? Negative energy is wasted energy, Tommy, so put the brownies back and trade with some mojo!

  • There's a rumor of an asset allocation OUT of stocks and into bonds. careful if you're using fixed income as a tell.

  • HE'S a eunuch!

  • I have nothing against Elmer as a person...I just think he's digging our country into a hole that will take a generation to climb out of.

  • NDX 1250-1265 is the breakout level (support) for tech. NDX 1280 filled the gap from Monday's opening.

  • I have a feeling that this Minyanville event (announced Friday or Monday) is gonna be uber-juicy.

  • Breadth 2:1 negative in both complexes (so far).

  • Wine will spoil if exposed to light, hence the tinted bottles.

  • Minyan Quiz: What's the most widely eaten fish in the world? The first right answer sent to will get their choice of a kick ass Minyanville tee. Good luck!

  • Yes, I count this as "later in the week."

  • I watched the new Don Henley DVD last night...he's very good.

  • Hmm...the 20 day moving average is crossing over the 30 day moving average (down). This is the first time it's happened since March 19th....when they crossed up.

  • Where's Michael Keaton been?

  • Phoebe just keeps getting bigger...and bigger...and bigger.

  • For those of you keeping track, the Minx/Jinx (NASDAQ/Nikkei circa 93) relationship is holding true. What did the Jinx do at her corresponding juncture? Babaloo Lucy...

  • Hope springs eternal...and you can be sure that the bull camp will not go down without a fight. In other words, the first dip won't scare 'em...but the fifth one likely will.

  • Put....the candle....back!
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position in intc, pph, amgn
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