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Random Thoughts


Feast or famine!


  • Kool & the Gang may be the most underrated band of all-time.

  • The drillers are retesting OSX 110 and while they're extended and twisty, they've also forming a nifty reverse head and shoulders formation (bullish). That pattern will confirm with a strong move through the aforementioned level.

  • How many dip buying tries must fail before the fear of missing morphs to the fear of losing.

  • I'm very psyched that Minyan Tony Dwyer will be attending (and presenting) at the Minyans in the Mountains.

  • Most of my best randoms are forever lost in the cyberspace that is my keppe.

  • There is a must read article in the latest Sports Illustrated on Scott Norwood. As most of us know, the best lessons in life can only be learned from failure.

  • Citi (C:NYSE) is trying to break from $45. Will the pin action keep the tape in shape or will the fresh '04 low in our uber-tell crack sentiment?

  • It was the summer of '95 and a friend had given me tickets to The Band in Central Park. When I got the tickets, I noticed that Rat Dog was opening for them (Bobby Weir's group). I got there at 6pm and, after seeing only a dozen or so people mulling around, figured I was too early. Sure 'nuff, Bobby comes out and starts jammin and plays to an empty venue (present company excluded). Why does that show stand out in my mind? Jerry died just a few days later.

  • Is this the beginning of the "catching everyone with their shorts down into the election" trade?

  • I had my weekly Succofest last night and we shared a seltza with a very sharp market observer. This gentleman has been bullish for a few years now and intends to flip his lid in January '05. He likened the current environment to '72 and the eventual crisis in confidence that served as a psychological sea change.

  • Mark and Lorraine Moore have a growing business selling bird diapers at $20 to $26. The product is a Lycra suit with straps that fit around the wings, with a Velcro flap in back, with pads that must be changed every six hours, but which allow birds to roam the house without soiling the furniture. [Washington Times]

  • Mop is a fun word.

  • Minyan Professor Rich Gula will be swingin' by the digs today for a platter of protein. Wasabi!

  • The metals have shrugged off the weaker than expected PPI this morning and have flattened on the session. The CPI looms tomorrow.

  • But she told me she cared, she really, really cared!

  • Int'l Business (IBM:NYSE) leads a slew of earnings tonight, we'll get a handful more tomorrow and then I don't wanna see another #2 pencil all weekend!

  • Breakfast at Cheney's.

  • It's better to burn out than to fade away. My my, hey hey.

  • Corporate spreads remain equity friendly.

  • The District of Columbia school system declined to punish the 110 employees it identified who had vastly and improperly overspent, using government credit cards, pointing out that investigators had no evidence of "personal gain" from the uses. Officials admitted however that their investigation stopped short of looking for such personal gain. [Washington Post]

  • In the years ahead, I believe that trust will be commoditized and honesty will trade at a premium.

  • S&P stops are set below 1108 and the 200-day is 1102.

  • Donkey Kong was awesome.

  • Gas tank!

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