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Minyan Mailbag and the Important Stuff


Sending prayers and white light...


Minyanville is a creative education community predicated on the financial markets. What makes us unique, however, is that we share a benevolence that transcends the flickering ticks and whippy trips.

I received an email yesterday from a close friend and wanted to share it with ye faithful. While I know we're in the middle of earnings season, I will humbly ask each of you to take five minutes for a most worthy cause. It'll mean more than you know.

Thanks kindly,

Dear Toddo:

As you know, my wife has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, through an aggressive program of chemotherapy, relying heavily on the new Imclone drug Erbitux, she has seen some promising results, including the shrinkage of her tumors by as much as thirty percent. Unfortunately, because Erbitux has only been approved by the FDA for colon cancer, Blue Cross will not pay a penny of the $100,000 annual cost of this treatment.

There is ample evidence that Erbitux will prolong the life of most pancreatic cancer patients, but few can shoulder this enormous expense. So I am asking you to
log into this site and add your name (and the names of each member of your family) to this petition in order to make this life saving drug available to the people who so desperately need it. And if you could forward this email to your friends I would be enormously grateful.

Minyan B


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