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Random Thoughts


Hit 'em hard this week, Minyans!

  • Is the writing on the wall for Hoofy and Daisy?

  • "This is probably already on everyone's radar, but I would just point out the new low in the VIX. The other two times it hit a new low this year were February 4th and June 17th. After the 2/4 occurrence, the S&P consolidated for two days then took a quick stab lower on the third day. After the 6/17 occurrence, the S&P consolidated for three days then sufferred a blow on the fourth day. Note that those were both also times when the VIX hit new lows but the S&P didn't hit new highs. No telling if the pattern will continue, but in the off chance you weren't seeing it, I'm throwin' it out there." -- Jason Goepfert on today's Buzz

  • Spank you very much!

  • The internals have been snazzy from the opening gun and, as we know, it hasn't paid to fade that tell. With that said, I'm eyeing the BKX (at 100) and the SOX (at 450) for near-term clues for the next fuse. And, of course, all eyes are on the S&P as we edge closer to the magical '05 highs.

  • Many thanks to Jeff "the American Dream" Macke for the hospitality over the fourth of July. T-minus 14 days 'till the prince arrives and the critters are sending love to Queen Anne and Princess Helena as we begin our countdown.

  • Hey Marcel Marceau, where's the volume today?

  • San Fran Minyans who either 1) snuck out before the critter tee's arrived or 2) would like the promotional code for Minyans in the Mountains, please give me a ping and we'll make sure that you're taken care of.

  • Speaking of MiM2, there are six more days left in the "early bird special" and I encourage fence sitters to fall to the side of Ojai. We spent the last four days mapping out the master plan and I can already visualize a slew of smiling Minyans. The icing on the cake, from a psychic income standpoint, was hearing the band that will headline our big red barn party Saturday night. This ho down will be a throw down!

  • Lots on tap from a catalyst standpoint this week.

  • There is an inflection point at airport baggage areas when your mindset shifts from anger (that it's taking so long to get your luggage) to relief (that your bags actually arrive).

  • As I was offline the back half of last week (a stunning combination of phone signal squalor and an email migration issue), I'm still catching up the state of the union. I'm sure that Thursday was a hairy affair and hindsight, as always, provides 20/20 clarity. I'm not sure how I woulda approached the tape although I'm glad I was away from NYC when the news hit. I think I speak for most Minyans when I say that some dark memories stirred deep within.

  • In Flow's Diner, we've seen size put buying in the IWM (small caps) and multiple sevens for sale on the QQQQ. I've barely heard a burp from Hoofy.

  • We're so sorry, Grandpa Neil.

  • Gin and Juice! Add the homies to the list of sectors trading at an all-time high.

  • Unfortunately, based on the price action late last week, Boo wasn't as fortunate as the Worm.

  • The critters will be hanging at booth #246 of the Chicago's Traders Expo Wednesday through Saturday. Windy City Minyans are welcome to stop by for a glass of silk milk.

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