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Random Thoughts


Need a jacket, Boo?


  • The liquidity and tenor of the market is impressive--particularly in the face of the General Electric (GE:NYSE) lethargy.

  • The S&P gap (from yesterday morning) "works" to 1002ish. The corresponding NDX gap is from 1286-1295.

  • Remember the name Gregory Thielmann

  • If there are any Minyans who know an attorney near southeast London who knows about the health and social care systems, please let me know.

  • Bank of America (BAC:NYSE), Citigroup (C:NYSE) and Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) start the earning's parade Monday morning.

  • The semicaps and storage sectors trade heavy today but that's about it.

  • The direction of the breakout of the range (S&P) will go a long way in determining the next leg for this market. Watch S&P 965 on the downside and, if we get through the June highs, S&P 1040 on the upside.

  • If you want to download your Minyanville ICON, click here.

  • Professor Succo wrote an awesome article on liquidity this morning.

  • A house fly beats its wings about 20,000 times per minute.

  • I've balanced a lot of my day trading risk a bit earlier. It's the eyes thing.

  • Fokker is flying awfully close to the sun.

  • The put/call is quite high today as a function of a size QQQ put buyer earlier.

  • America has 3 times more animal shelters than it does shelters for victims of domestic violence.

  • If you're pressing or guessing, start your weekend early.

  • I'm not sure if the market's tired but I know I am.

  • Remember the Titans!

  • Greg RN is doing a fantastic job.

  • When the real recovery begins and (if) it's manufacturing led, China could be in the driver's seat.

  • We will be announcing a few Minyanville events next week--including a new auction--that are sure to get your juices flowing.

  • Make sure your risk profile matches your time horizon.

  • If you're long because they act well, remember your catalyst if they change their tenor.

  • Coming soon: Samantha Fox trading cards?

  • How long can Elmer keep the squeezy balls in the air?

  • I'm a mog...half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend.
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