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Random Thoughts




  • Where the heck does "We'll play it by ear" come from?

  • The S&P filled the gap (to 985) and the NDX retested support (near 1260). Now the real fun and games begin.

  • I just sent this IM to my best friend and college roommate: I think we're getting close to a market melt. don't know if it's here, up a few hundred points, a month out or whatever...but please don't say i didn't warn you. He asked me if he should take everything out and I said "I would, but I've been bearish so take this with a grain of salt."

  • Mr. World Class Bucs fan is coming up to NYC the first week of August to spend the day in Minyanville. I'll alert the Grey Geese!

  • Look at a six year chart of the S&P. If you allow for a lil' wiggle room, you can make a strong case that we've spiked right to the neckline of the multiyear head and shoulders. If that's true, there's gonna be a lot more tears!

  • What kind of shmuck hits a sausage?

  • On top of the "news" that'll leak next week, there's also some new columnists heading this way. I think you'll find the level of talent and integrity consistent with what you've come to expect at Minyanville.

  • It's very orderly today. Healthy...or complacent?

  • The bears who cried wolf have been quiet...that's what usually happens between the panic stage of the bullish phase and the denial stage of the bearish rage.

  • A flock of sheep or a flock of seagulls? Flocker!

  • Karl Malone to the Laker's now? Wowzers.

  • If you're emotionally attached to one stock, put it on your personal restricted list and focus on new names.

  • Hey Brittney, we're gonna look back at these prices and say Oops, we did it again!

  • There's a rotation into the consumers.

  • News and Views is rockin' today.

  • It's shocking to me that one week ago today I was white water rafting down the Taylor River. Seems like years.

  • When I started, we used Quotrons. Now, people are lost without IM.

  • Bowling averages are way up, mini golf scores are way down...and we have more excellent water slides than anyone else in the universe!

  • The hardest thing to do as a trader is to reverse your thesis. I've done it over the years when I felt it was warranted but I'm not in that mindset now. Can you tell?

  • Wow...give him a column and now I'm the one getting him sodas. Anything else boss? Some thick skin perhaps?

  • I just got an email from a fellow contributor asking what he should do when he starts to enjoy writing more than trading. Join the club?

  • I still think Cisco (CSCO:NASD) is gonna be a hat size.

  • Rolling stops allow you to let your winners run and lock in gains.

  • They have names. Miles...and Maisy.

  • 1,000,000 SPY just hit the tape on the sell side.

  • How many traders got long near the close yesterday (anticipating a jam job) and are effectively trapped. Remember, Minyans, the definition of an investment should never be a trade that's gone against you (regardless of what they do).

  • I hear Martin is thinking of applying to Colgate University. Hey kid, you wouldn't know what to do with either Mary or Ashley-Kate!

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