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Random Thoughts


I haven't been branded like this since I was hangin' with the calf crowd!


  • No, the CBS MarketWatch picture wasn't my high school yearbook photo.

  • The semis (-4%) and the internets--both master betas--are taking it on the chin today. Perhaps the performance chasers no longer need the movers and groovers as the quarterly numbers are in?

  • Was Len Bias the best Terp of all-time?

  • BKX 96--double secret support and the ripcord level for many technicians--is fragile and frightened...and in danger of failing.

  • S's over N's...or is it N's under S's?

  • "The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him" - Machiavelli

  • The critters are finally getting some face time (Bloomberg TV, CBS MarketWatch, Fortune) and that, coupled with the minxy jinx, has made me question whether I should travel tomorrow (as has been planned). But the little Daisy on my shoulder keeps whispering "work to live, don't live to work" and she makes a valid point. As such, I'm gonna take my first real mini-respite in a year and leave the 'Ville in the capable hands of my fellow professors. Ya mon!

  • Please watch S&P 1122 (June low) and NDX 1485 (weekly low) as lines in the index sand.

  • There's a rumor that Beyonce and Daisy are going to record a duet of Jerry Lee Lewis' Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On.

  • Come join us to talk tape and vibe life. What's your downside?

  • Happy Birthday to Minyan Rebecca Mitchells!

  • Ford (F:NYSE) sales came in down 8% vs. estimates of down 4%. Perhaps they should toss a watch in with the rebates and zero percent financing?!?

  • S-T-A...see you real soon. G-F-L...why? Because we have to. A-T-I-O-N.

  • The metals are a tad firmer today as pre-weekend jitters are prolly helping buoy them.

  • Two rats can become the progenitors of 15,000 rats in less than one year. Dirty rats.

  • The next time somebody asks you where you're from, tell them that you're from a small town called Minyanville.

  • My very best contacts on the Street are telling me that the same mo'mo guys who bought 'em up yesterday have been dumpin' today. Most of our primary tells are pointing lower but the tug-o-war (and fate of the tape) likely rests with the piggies. If they can chin-up through BKX 96, Snapper has a chance. If not, he may have to get a head start on Jamaica.

  • Queen Isabella of Spain bathed only twice in her life -- once at her birth, and once just before her wedding.

  • Profiting is a privilege and not a right.

  • Selling volatility (options) was the "in vogue" thing to do recently. Lotsa folks are now experiencing the sadder side of negative gamma.

  • The three wealthiest families in the world have more assets than the combined wealth of the 48 poorest countries.

  • The trannies 'should' find support at TRAN 3090.

  • Reamer. Scott Reamer.

  • Berko and I used to say that when you think you absolutely, positively can't take a vacation is exactly the time you need one.

  • Dollar dandruff?

  • Welcome back Ricky Gallo.

  • Is Carrie vacationing in Brazil?

  • Who be putting their Kools out on my floor? Who be putting their Kools out on my floor?

  • Emulex (ELX:NASD) is down 20%.

  • A trading pal just IM'd me and said "seems like panic for the first time in a while." I said "With the VXO at 15? No shot--not even close."

  • BKX. BKX. BKX.


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