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Random Thoughts


I wouldn't wanna be in that broker's shoes, Toddo!


  • Where'd my ASCO? The biotechs are testing big support at BTK 490-500.

  • Reverberations of a printing press?

  • "The Fed not only filled the punch bowl, it also spiked it with Ecstasy." Jesse Eisinger, Wall Street Journal.

  • The Texas two-step.

  • This is shaping up as one heckuva NBA finals.

  • Cy Clemens?

  • No Borscht for you!

  • Hey sports fans--this is the best clip I've ever seen.

  • The dollar continues to grab some greenback on the heels of Elmer's hike hints.

  • Don't blink but the technical resistance levels are still in play.

  • San Dimas High School football rocks!

  • I just pulled up a chart of Taser Int'l (TASR:NASD) and thought to myself ..."Self, there are gonna be a lot more charts like that before Boo goes to bed."

  • Thank you ExGen Securities.

  • Why is it than whenever I read about JGB's I think of the Jerry Garcia Band?

  • "It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?"

  • The internals are now skewed 2:1 negative.

  • Raider Nation!

  • In the uber-short term, please watch S&P 1128 and NDX 1470-5 as first support (previous resistance).

  • Martha, Martha, Martha! Imclone (IMCL:NASD) is trading at $83 scratching at its all-time high.

  • Is there anything more frustrating than a "stopped and drop?"

  • Pepe Depew forwarded this oil discussion and, well, I always like Pepe's eyes.

  • I've got a 1pm lunch meeting with an East coast university about gettin' the critters in their classroom. If you think your alma mater would have an interest in the 'Ville as an educational tool, please let us know!

  • I bet Collins he couldn't eat two bags of Minyanville chocolate chip cookies in five minutes. The screwy scribe is starting to have second thoughts.

  • I saw my boy Berko early this morning while walking to work. He's everything that's right in this business.

  • Caterpillar (CAT:NYSE) upped their dividend this morning and the stock sold off. Still, look at that chart...

  • Europe is dancing around the flatline as Brazil skips 2% lower.

  • Just be yourself. No matter what happens, they can't take that away from you sir.

  • Gold $385 (June 4 low) is being tested by the metal heads among us.

  • Stagflation.

  • Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you'd like to see?

  • Scallops are generally underappreciated.

  • Quiet Riot? The Minx slinks while Hoofy thinks...

  • Kobe to the Knicks?

  • Reuters is reporting that the Israeli Attorney General will decide next week whether to indict Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a long-running corruption scandal, according to Israel radio. Sharon could be forced from office if indicted, which would likely derail his Gaza withdrawal plan.

  • I've got my weekly Succofest tonight. Noice.

  • Daisy just walked by in a white Izod shirt about two sizes too small. Somebody stop me...

  • Everyone ping Slaino!

  • A few years ago while I was running the desk at my old shop, Berko was at a conference and called in after hearing Broadcom (BRCM:NASD) present. He and I had a sixth sense between us and I knew by the cadence of his breathing that he wanted to get short the name. By the time he had finished his sentence, we were in motion to buy 10,000 puts. We got filled...the only problem was that the broker bought calls in error and the stock was down eight.

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