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Random Thoughts to End the Day


Have a peaceful night!


  • There are a lot of oscillators and indicators flashing purple (one level above red) but they don't matter anymore... until they do.

  • The breadth, however, continues to flash green.

  • I will say this and you know who you are: You've done some classless things in your life but today's tirade takes the cake. If you had a conscience, you'd be ashamed of yourself.

  • 3M (MMM:NYSE) did a belly flop after lunch.

  • There are air pockets out there in a big way. Active traders please remember to put limits on those tickets!

  • You can't argue with performance and this move was clearly powerful. When we look back at this period, however, we'll wonder how we could have done it again.

  • Would you rather do what you love and live modestly or hate your job and be wealthy?

  • Please print out Scotto's last post and read it when you're away from the fray.

  • $3.1 billion of insider selling last month... but biz is great.

  • National Semiconductor (NSM:NYSE) reports tomorrow.

  • Is Boo guilty of a "fear of missing?"

  • Do I think the election has something to do with this year's rally? Yup.

  • Smith Barney Semi fete kicks off tomorrow with ADI, MU, TER, VTSS, LLTC, CMOS, CCMP, FCS, AMCC, XLNX, IFX, CY, ALTR, PMCS, KLAC, STM, LSI, LRCX, IRF, ICST, BRCM, RFMD, NVDA, IDTI and ASMI presenting.

  • Beeks will also drop off the factory orders (exp. -1.6%) and initial jobless claims (exp. 420,000).

  • I sure hope young Martin is faring well in the vicious NYC dating scene.

  • Elmer & Co. are on a reflating mission. How many fingers can he stick in the dike?

  • Is Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq) super heavy or is it resting before taking the baton back? They speak at the Bernstein conference tomorrow so I guess we'll find out soon enough!

  • Snaps to Captain Jeter!

  • I'll see all my fellow Minyanheads at Heartland Brewery (Union Square/17th St.) at 6:30pm. We'll then venture over to Irving Plaza to find Boo his crunchy babe!

  • A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep when you hit the snooze button.

  • My thoughts on Martha Stewart? I haven't seen a public grilling like this since Lizzie was in the Hamptons!

  • There's a huge difference between hope and faith. Hope isn't a viable investment vehicle and you ALWAYS have to keep the faith.

  • Stop looking at Daisy that way, she's not a piece of meat! Oh... maybe she is?
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