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Minyanville Classic Series: Random Thoughts


Where the heck is Malta?


Originally posted on December 5, 2002 12:29pm
Todd Harrison is away on vacation but will return to Minyanville on July 7th, 2003

If you work very hard just to get to the weekend and then spend the weekend getting ready for work, you're missing the bigger picture.

After an embarrassingly long groveling period, Katie took Martin back and the kid is eligible for a bonus again (but we may stiff him anyway).

If the big picture bear thesis is right, the three best (longer term) shorts in the market are financials, retailers and gaming stocks (just my humble opinion).

The Knicks lost their mojo when they traded Oak.

I just got my Snapper t-shirt and it's pretty awesome!

Either my cat Zoe is addicted to catnip or she's just naturally a freak. Hey-they say cats take after their owners!

There were just cheese sticks on my trading desk and between Junior, JJ and Bucky (fastest hands on Wall Street), I didn't even get a look!

I've been scanning for names outside of tech to trade-less crowded.

I don't trust anybody that hates animals.

Every game is a must game for the Raiders as the A.F.C is still up for grabs.

Negative energy is a drag.

When you look back at this juncture of the market six months from now, will you be happy with the decisions you're making today?

We've got Minyans all over the world but the most remote reader I've seen is from Malta. Where the heck is Malta?

Look at a daily chart of the market, then look at a weekly chart, then look at a monthly chart, then look at a yearly chart, then look at a five year chart. See what I'm saying about identifying a time frame on your exposure?

I love peas.

Donate some time this holiday season and volunteer-karma is a wonderful thing.

If you believe in the regression to the historical mean of return (I do), doesn't it stand to reason that we'll see a regression to the historical mean of valuation? In other words, if the P/E overshot to the upside during the bubble, don't they have to compress below the historical average as we recover?

I read an article today that says the crispier your food is, the unhealthier it is for you. That sucks....for me.

Do you think Fonzi and Joanie ever "did it?"

Are the dip buyers scared yet?

While your focusing on Intel's mid-quarter update, don't forget that we have a Seattle Slew of economic reports tomorrow morning.

I can't stop eating-it's getting embarrassing.

Congrats Dale and Renee on your pending nuptials! Lotsa Mazel!

I hope this finds you well.

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