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Random Thoughts


Watch it!


  • Got Milk?

  • Gold and silver are gettin' thumped for 2% as the demand side of the equation was reduced as a function of the perceived acne.

  • I haven't spoken to many hedgies who are happy with their first half performance. Then again, I haven't met many hedgies who are ever happy with their performance.

  • The Target (TGT:NYSE) practice has focused the cross-hairs on the retail sector. Wal-Mart (WMT:NYSE) took some heat yesterday and I've heard the word "trend" starting to pop up with my retail trading brethren. Please note that the RTH (retail holder) broke its 200-day (91.30)

  • Happy days.

  • The S&P small cap 600 index (SML) is trading at an ALL-TIME high!

  • I'm developing some sort of weird biological clock. At 12:45 am every morning, I get up to eat a frozen Ring Ding.

  • Minyan redeux .

  • Wishbone! The banks and retailers in a tag team wrasslin' match with the semis and biotechs.

  • Congrats to Minyan Dan Meehan on his new job at Hoefer and Arnett in Baltimore. He has asked me to inform all Minyans that he has abandoned his beloved Red Sox and is now a staunch Oriole fan.

  • The R.P at the end of my columns (and on every Minyan tee) stands for "Ruby Peck." It's my humble way of remembering my grandfather all day and every day.

  • There CAN'T be inflation--the Bureau of Labor Statistics says so!

  • Did you know that Crested Butte is the mountain biking capital of the world? I, for one, am looking forward to hittin' those trails.

  • I've heard of not shooting the messenger but....

  • Brazil is groping a percent higher.

  • I wonder what Elmer & Co. are talking about.

  • The internets--yesterday's master betas--are trying to digest newfound supply.

  • The VXO has quietly rallied 18% in the last four sessions.

  • Female Viagra.

  • The list of the world's inheritance-wealthiest animals is topped by the dog Gunther IV (now worth over US$320 million, from the late German countess Karlotta Libenstein), followed by Kalu the chimpanzee (about US$95 million, from the late Australian Olympic swimmer Frank O'Neill) and the dog Toby Rimes (about US$80 million, from the late New Yorker Ella Wendel).

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