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Random Thoughts


I sure hope the Minyans remember to put limits on their orders into the Elmerfest.


  • Personally, LL Cool J woulda been my No. 1 pick on the all-time list. I'm stunned he didn't crack the Minyan top five. The Biggy, Public Enemy and Tupac omission is bad enough but LL? I demand a recount!

  • Pull up a one-month chart of the S&P and NDX. If the S's fail to take out S&P 1000 and the N's don't top NDX 1240, a strong case could be made for potential dandruff in our midst (head and shoulder technical pattern).

  • Is an upside restatement any better than a downside restatement? The size of the Freddie Mac (FRE:NYSE) goof is alarming any way you slice it.

  • 28% of Africa is wilderness. 38% of North America is wilderness.

  • I haven't spoken to one person who thinks that today's news gets sold hard.

  • The four B's -- breadth, bank, biotechs and brokers -- all act well today (so far).

  • The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime-time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

  • The consumer stocks, which were jiggy yesterday, are taking a breather as traders beta-chase.

  • The fact that so many people are on board the economic recovery train is intrinsically bearish.

  • Kevin "Pepe" Depew wrote an awesome column this morning.

  • How many of you took a bite out of an onion last night?

  • What do I think Elmer does? 25 bips -- but I don't think it matters. The Minx will do what she wants regardless. I guess size doesn't matter after all!

  • I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a different man than I was before Sept. 11, 2001.

  • There are two kinds of energy: good energy and wasted energy.

  • With the averages sitting on major trendlines, one of two things is gonna occur. Either this bounce attempt fails, we sneak lower and the trapped longs get waxed, OR the trendline holds, the bulls become emboldened and the perception of an inevitable "higher high" starts a new manic panic.

  • This is for the Gz and this is for the hustlas, this is for the hustlas now back to the Gz.

  • Chicken Toddo? Perhaps -- but the conditional elements of a severe market melt are in place. The liquidity injection may not let that happen but I wouldn't be shocked if it does. How does that affect day-to-day trading? It doesn't... but it's something to potentially factor in if you're an investor and loaded to the gills with exposure.

  • Lotsa people are chatting up the technical importance of S&P 950.

  • The average cost of raising a medium size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400.
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