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Random Thoughts


How many traders are loaded up for the 'inevitable' breakout?


  • I can "see" Hoofy in a dairy advertisement with a milk moustache saying "Got Milk?"

  • The metals continue to dance higher. Gold $400 and silver $6 have been levels of contention and if they can close above, it'll bode well for the bulls. Please note that silver $6.20 is resistance (there now) and I have rolled up my stops from this morning's trade. Should they "trigger," I won't hesitate to elect them.

  • Where...the Beeks?

  • The bears are making a valiant stand and attempting to defend what are, by all accounts, critical technical levels. NDX 1500 and BKX 98ish are on my personal radar. I just told Boo to respect the minty breadth and the psychological dynamic. The higher the Minx, the more likely we'll see a "long squeeze" into quarter end.

  • Minyan...Mountain...Minglefest.

  • Ewww! The Gross Domestic Product will be released tomorrow (exp. 4.4%, deflator 2.6%). Beeks will also deliver personal consumption (exp. 3.9%) and the Wolverine confidence number (exp. 95).

  • "Hit me again Ike...and this time put some stank on it!"

  • Read at a Budapest zoo: "Please do not feed the animals. If you have any suitable food, give it to the guard on duty."

  • Chatty Kathy.

  • NYSE breadth (so far) bodes well for a "pop" before a potential "drop."

  • If you're not Buzzin', you're not livin'.

  • BKX 98.

  • Do you feel a draft?

  • Things in Minyanville are getting interesting and interestinger.

  • A bold gold move.

  • The critters are coming! The critters are coming! Minyanville will be featured this weekend on Bloomberg television and the E-Entertainment channel. You'll recognize me--I'm the guy with the hairline at the back of his neck!

  • Bonds. Long Bonds.

  • The German DAX is up 1.6% and tickling through 4,000.

  • The same traders who are looking at equity charts are emboldened by the gold chart.

  • I can't (and won't) tell you that vols can't get cheaper but I'm pretty confident in offering that they'll certainly get richer (in time).

  • How many traders are waiting for that Goldman (GS:NYSE) window to open?

  • Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing. Many many men can't see the open road.

  • If you think your firm (or trading desk or finance club) would like a group discount to the 'Ville, please let us know.

  • Straight outa Compton.

  • Slacker! It's become increasingly evident that a 'full' vacation isn't in the cards so I'm gonna compromise. I will be out next Friday and steal a quick respite in the land of Marley. Ya mon!

  • Watch the breadth (and leaders) during counter-trend intraday moves. They'll likely offer clues whether it's a reversal or a necessary respite in a broader directional trend.

  • "In the end, all you have is your word and your name." -Ruby Peck

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