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More Random Thoughts!


May peace be with you!


  • "I'm talkin' about a place where the beer flows like wine, where the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin' about Minyanville!"

  • I started three columns but the action was so whippy I had to flip to Random format. Oy!

  • Reuters reported massive explosions at the US Kirkuk base. Iraqi police say that a rocket hit an "arms store." That coincided with the (thus far) daily highs.

  • If Boo is Simon does that make Hoofy Garfunkel?

  • It's IN the computer?

  • The Citigroup (C:NYSE)/breadth/semis/oil/small cap/cyclical tell complex gave a wink before today's poppage (the outlier is naturally the stanky SOX but 83% is a fairly good quack count). It's worth noting that the pause in these inputs coincided with a pause in the tape.

  • Please add Jeff Saut and Greg Weldon to the Minyan reading list.

  • I can't believe that I'm 'that' guy who can tell stories about how he would get into work at 4:00 am to write up/pair off option positions by hand. It's the financial equivalent to the five mile hike through the snow!

  • We'll see a Beek's warm-up toss tomorrow with non-critter productivity (exp. 3.7%), unit labor costs (.4%) initial jobless claims (exp. 335k), continuing claims (exp. 2925k), factory orders (exp. -1.4%) and the I to the ISM non-manufacturing report (exp. 66). And yes--that's a warm up! Once digested, the dynamic will be similar to today's as posturing and psychology square off.

  • The pattern of lower highs is still the dominant chart theme.

  • I will be penning my ayem piece tomorrow and then slipping off to Rodeph Shalom Elementary School to attend their 1st grade "market day." Children's education is a HUGE component of the Minyanville vision and we should all take the time to encourage young minds to remain active. I expect to be back in this saddle by 10:00 am (thanks!).

  • Brazil (+1.62%) is retesting it's 200-day moving average.

  • I think I need a sleep belt.

  • Pan American Silver (PAAS:NASD) is flat in the face of a 4% silver drubbin'.

  • If it were easy, they'd call it 'winning' instead of trading.

  • Janice Rossi.

  • Be good to people on the way up 'cause you're sure to see 'em on the way down.

  • These new Minyanville DVD's are awesome.

  • Please be sure to add a subject line to all emails as my SPAM filter is still learning.

  • There are a LOT of frustrated hedge fund managers out there so understand that nerves are a tad frayed (and the tape may be more emotional than usual). It's all part of the weeding out process, I'm afraid, as they stand in a circle and shoot at the same stocks.

  • Brian Reynolds: The Iron Horse.

  • Not quick enough on the trivia draw? You can still sport your favorite critter by simply swingin' by Main Street. As I hope you would know by now, the Minyanville merchandise is all top notch quality.

  • My first boss wasn't too computer savvy. He would walk into work each day and yell "Who's this LOGIN guy and why is he on my computer?"

  • I spend time with Ruby every night in my dreams.

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