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Random Thoughts




  • The reversal coincided with the Iraqi captures. Sounds silly, I know, but in an anxious market (laden with negative gamma), a spark can ignite a fire.

  • The bidding war for PeopleSoft (PSFT:Nasdaq) is surely giving tech sentiment a boost.

  • Frank the Tank or Mugatu? You make the call.

  • The S&P has already taken out the exhaustion high (June 6). The NDX still has a bit to go.

  • The S&P breadth, while improving, is still 3:2 negative.

  • The futes are quite vacuumy. What futes?

  • Congratulations to the worlds newest Mini-Minyan, No'e Pertoso from Geneva, Switzerland.

  • There's a huge difference between being adaptive and trading reactive.

  • The brokers, homies and bios are either resting before a continued sprint or telling us that this leg of the rally is in the late innings.

  • How long before Abby Joe starts hittin' the tube?

  • There's talk in Minyanville of an udder woman.

  • Morgan Stanley's CFO said on the conference call that the "economic outlook is far from clear."

  • There are surely sell-side stops above S&P 1015 (yesterday's high).

  • How tight is your grip on the handlebars?

  • Leave him alone -- Fokker loves the footsies.

  • You ass. It's U.S.! (think "The Toy")

  • 16.1% and dropping fast...

  • Look at how the DRG hugs that 350 level.

  • Can you imagine the music Biggie Smalls and Tupac would have released by now?

  • I'm hearing the Dead (sans Jerry) is lightin' it up (so to speak).

  • Bull trap?

  • Brian Reynolds just walked in all smiles. Imagine that!
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