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Minyanville Underground Railroad: Animal House


Memoirs of a Minyan: Animal House


Dear Ambassador,

Last week, we discussed several elements of the Minyanville Underground Railroad.

  • Awareness, as Ambassadors help us effect positive change through financial understanding.
  • Test Beds, through upcoming beta tests of new technologies.
  • And Benefits, tangible and intangible, as humble thanks for all you do.

As the MUR continues to gain steam, the next step involves actually mapping the railroad. If you're interested in communicating with other Ambassadors and would like to include yourself in that directory, please let us know.

When I said we're creating a global grid of human capital-folks whose name and word still mean something and honesty, trust and respect are the foundational constructs of any successful endeavor-I wasn't kidding! We'll build this together; step by step, brick by brick and Minyan by Minyan.

Be sure to include your name, email and region (city, state, country-however granular you'd like to get) and we'll get to work on creating a snazzy map of Minyan Ambassadors around the world. It's social networking…with a purpose.

Sneak Peak at the Memoirs

On June 10th, we released the first chapter of Memoirs of a Minyan, a modern day tale about the false idolatry of money, as an eBook that will publish every Wednesday over an eighteen-week cycle. As part of the MUR, you'll receive this content the night before it's made public.

While Memoirs is my story, the lessons encapsulate what so many are forced to face following the financial crisis: Net worth isn't self worth, having fun isn't happiness and the destination we arrive at pales in comparison to the path we take to get there.

Below please find the link to the next installment. I will simply ask that these sneak peaks are kept inside our Circle of Trust. Thankyoueversomuch!

Click here for Chapter 2: Animal House!

With passion and purpose,


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