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Random Thoughts


Fare ye well into the bell!


  • "Fears that the market is going to crash are way overstated," she says confidently. "It's a seven-mile-by-seven-mile city and a premier place people want to live. You have to be more aggressive here because the prices are so high."

  • Happy Fathers Day to all ye Minyans celebrating their parental prowess on Sunday!

  • And I thought Phoebe was two-faced?

  • Is it any wonder that the homies are green with envy?

  • Waaaah Waaaah! "...Given such options, the United States has no choice but to ride the trade-deficit train for as long as the traffic will bear, which may not be too long, particularly if protectionism begins to gather force."

  • Nothing retains value like Human Capital.

  • The poster child for staying single.

  • Old school Minyans know that I often trek to Miraval for spiritual refocusing. The greatest aspect of that "mindful retreat" has always been a woman by the name of Dana Patterson. I've never been into the hocus pocus of spiritual readings but-take me at my word-Dana defies logic with her predictive prowess (five years running). Why do I share this tidbit of information? I think we're gonna fly her into Ojai for Minyans in the Mountains so she can share her vibes with ye faithful.

  • And the winner of "the most obvious headline" award...

  • Every continent has a city named Rome.

  • Hedge fund lesson plans?

  • Game 5 or Entourage? Thank goodness for DVR's...

  • OSX 145ish--the former ceiling--needs to hold as a floor if the drillers have entered a new realm.

  • "The economist reports that the total value of residential property in developed economies rose by more than $30 trillion over the past five years, to over $70 trillion. This is an increase equivalent to 100% of those countries' GDPs. As traditional news sources play down this mother of all bubbles as "normal" appreciation, this puts it into perspective." John Succo on today's Buzz.

  • This pizza tastes like...!

  • The other side of the oil trade (and yes, I still think energy and metals are gonna win in the long-run).

  • Jobs Report!

  • An octopus' testicles are located in its head.

  • The S&P/VIX ratio (all-time high) is a cause for bovine concern.

  • Quarter-end performance anxiety is a cause for ursine angst.

  • With the DJIA having triggered the "triple top buy signal" at 10,600, please keep an eye on BKX 99.60 (200-day) and CRB 310 (neckline of the reverse dandruff). My sense-and not advice-is that the commodities will trade (higher) through this level. THE question, of course, is whether that's bullish (liquidity flush) or negative (input inflation) for equities.

  • While NYSE internals are still constructive (3:2), Nazz breadth has flipped the downside switch.

  • I'm outtie in a bit to head on my way to St. Louie. Have a fantastic weekend, Minyans, and remember to enjoy the journey. Remember the words from the champ: "Today I am 59 years old, tomorrow I'll be sixty. Yesterday I was 23. Don't wake up tomorrow and wish you had today to live all over again."

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