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More Random Thoughts!


Where's your tardy slip?


  • Slippin' in for a quick shnitz (stacked meetings) and looking at the Minx for the first time today. Sorry 'bout that--will be back in the saddle manana.

  • S's over N's (financials over semis).

  • Commodities + Brazil + bonds + metals= liquidity (at least for now).

  • That's a pretty nifty double top in the SOX (right at the 200-day!) SOX 460 was support.

  • People are the best investment.

  • Please don't trade what you don't understand.

  • Minyan Jeff Saut suggested I read this column and, well, enough said.

  • I recently attended a screening of The Corporation and recommend it to all Minyans. It offers a comprehensive analysis of corporate America, branding, government interaction, media interpretation and global balances of power. While you may not agree with everything in the film, I maintain that you always wanna see all the angles before formulating an opinion.

  • Uber-Minyan Dan Meehan is movin' to Baltimore (staying in the division) and will have his farewell Party on June 22nd @ Town Crier (53rd btwn 1 and 2nd) from 6 to 8. He asked me to extend an invite to ye faithful.

  • NYSE breadth is impressive.

  • The S&P pattern of lower highs is still in tact in the short-term (since June 8th) and intermediate term ('04).

  • You dirty rat!

  • We're sitting on the NDX trendline from the May low.

  • Who do you believe--Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) or Intel (INTC:NASD).

  • There are alotta ways I can go with this but will simply point it out.

  • It's easy to lose perspective and purpose but consistency in that regard is what sets us apart.

  • I've agreed to make contributions to CBS Marketwatch and will give ye faithful a heads up when the time comes (quarter-end). A big thanks to Larry, Dave and Herb for the opportunity!

  • It's not what is, it's what's perceived to be that dictates the price action. That metric (psychology) is elusive but oh-so-important to staying ahead of the profit curve.

  • I started watching True Romance last night and couldn't turn it off.

  • Biotechs are back at that level that will either act as a springboard or a ceiling. Under BTK 500, we must assume the latter.

  • I said, it's all about the human equation.

  • I've rolled up the stops on my silver position.

  • Do ya wanna spend a few days with the Minyanville professors talking about the financial landscape? Our first annual educational seminar is slated for August in Crested Butte, Colorado. I had the privilege of visiting Scotty at the Reamer Ranch last summer and it quickly became one of my favorite places on earth. Wasabi Jackson!

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