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Random Thoughts


You wanna be a cowgirl?


  • Do they have ten-gallon hats in countries that use the metric system?

  • Is the biotech "mark-up" too easy or inevitable?

  • What IS a Catch-22?

  • When unsure or going through a "cold streak," trade smaller (or just watch) until you find your feel.

  • A big Minyan congrats to Snoop Tony on his new role. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Watch Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq) at 26. I heard that there are a couple million offered there. If it can "chew through," it'll be a good tell from a supply/demand standpoint.

  • Cameron Tiede, who was a contributing illustrator on Minyanville, released his first book. Nice job Cammy!

  • Setting stops removes emotion. It's frustrating at times (in a volatile market) but, over the long run, it'll serve you in good stead.

  • There are enough reasons for the market to fail that if (when) it happens, it'll seem quite obvious. On the other hoof, the performance anxiety, looming quarter-end and technical breakouts make that fade far from easy.

  • Today's highs in the averages are being used as a short-side stop by some bears. Along those lines, the S&P and NDX look like they're forming "flag" patterns on the daily charts.

  • The Yankees have played like pooh this year and they're still in first place.

  • Note to new Minyans: The disclosures to the right in no way constitute advice (we don't do that here). If I mention a stock in a particular post, I will always disclose if I'm "involved." If I don't mention any of the positions I am trading, they will not be disclosed.

  • Take some of the pressure off of yourself and you'll perform better.

  • Is the recent (relative) lethargy in the semis a bearish omen or a pause before resuming a leadership role?

  • Contrary to popular opinion, "road kill" is NOT a delicacy in Texas.

  • I don't think the Spurs should trade for Jason Kidd. Tony Parker has shown signs of brilliance and he's only 21. With that said, Tim Duncan's wife was interviewed after the game and seemed "hedgy" on the MVP's future plans.

  • "...There was not sufficient sense of crisis in the first half of the year (1931) to produce further action by the administration. Financial markets held up reasonably well, at least through June. Governor Harrison of Federal Reserve Bank of New York thought that the commercial banking system was stronger than ever because of its increased liquidity." A quote from the book "The Crash and Its Aftermath," by Barry Wigmore. The economy unwound in the latter months of 1931, led by international crises and created runs in the financial systems, and so did the Dow Jones Index which did not bottom until the next summer in 1932. Thanks to Minyan Inn Ooi for the spot.

  • Trading faux pas No. 1: not matching the horizon on your thesis to that of your risk profile.

  • When's the last time you spent a week without thinking of the market?
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