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Quick Snips


Watch the finacials -- they're the cornerstone of market stability


  • The breakouts in the energy sector (OSX) are getting "loud" in trading circles. Are they too loud?

  • The biotechs and semis bear watching as a "tech tell" duopoly.

  • The GSE's continue to act funky. I'm weighing the big picture "double-D" thesis (debt and derivatives) vs. the likelihood that they're a bit crowded on the short side.

  • Breadth has sprinted out to a 2:1 positive posture on the big board, 3:2 positive on the Nazz.

  • Nobody seems the least bit concerned with the unrest in the Middle East.

  • I've seen a couple of size sellers (Financial Sector SPDRs (XLF:Amex) and QQQ). Either the market will digest it (bullish) or it's indicative of coming supply. Either way, watch the tape for absorption/slippage.

  • Do I think Freddie Mac (FRE:NYSE) is the tip of the iceberg? You know I do... but remember, Enron didn't matter until months after it was first uncovered.

  • Trade with confidence or don't trade at all.
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