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Is Motorola Releasing Android's Next Champ?


An Internet leak shows pics and specs of the upcoming Droid phone.

This week, Motorola (MOT) co-CEO Sanjay Jha boasted the strong sales of his company's Android (GOOG) smartphone star, the Motorola Droid. Speaking with reporters following an Executives Club presentation in Chicago, Jha related the unrelenting demand for the device and its constraints on supply. "Sales are going extremely well. If I could build more I'd sell more," he said.

As Verizon's (VZ) Droid device is enjoying similar success to HTC's Droid Incredible and EVO 4G on Sprint (S), Motorola hopes to continue its Droid line's popularity with several followups -- two of which have been churning up the rumor mill: the Droid 2 and Droid X. Launch dates have yet to be released, but leaked pics and specs imply it won't be long before the two smartphones hit the streets.

The Android blog Droid Life posted exclusive pictures of Motorola's direct upgrade to its bestseller. Keeping the bottom-lip design, it looks very similar to a Droid 1 but with a beveled, less squared-off aesthetic. According to Droid Life, the keyboard sports what appears to be "puffier" keys -- a welcome change to big-fingered Droid owners who had trouble pressing the original device's shallow keys. In place of the directional pad, Motorola included four scroll keys and an OK button.

Like the Droid 1, the Droid 2 features 16GB of storage space, but allocated into 8GB internal and 8GB on an upgradeable SD card. The screen is the same 3.7 inches as its successor -- as well as the five megapixel camera -- but the processor speed is boosted from an underclocked 550MHz to 750MHz. As for dream specs, unfortunately, there are no HDMI-out ports or front-facing cameras. For video of the Droid 2's bootup screen, click here.

But Android fans who don't have much use for a keyboard may find what they want in the Droid X. Formerly referred to as the Droid Shadow and Droid Xtreme, the Droid X's name seemed to undergo a change after Android blog Phandroid scored some internal screenshots of a Motorola equipment screen that pinned the device with the truncated name. According to Phrandroid's shots, the device has a beefier 4.3-inch screen -- the same screen size as HTC's EVO 4G -- and a 480 x 854 resolution display. The device has an HDMI port and its eight megapixel camera is able to capture 720p HD video. The CPU and RAM is unconfirmed, but Gizmodo got its hands on photos of one left behind at a gym and claimed the Droid X will run a Snapdragon processor and contain 16GB internal storage.

The Motorola Droid brought the company some much-needed success and finally proved that it is possible to compete with the iPhone (AAPL). Let's hope that Motorola learned from the few but glaring mistakes in the first model to bring consumers a couple more Android champs.
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