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Random Thoughts


Denial isn't just a river in Egypt!


  • Pearl Jam is awesome but they don't get much play anymore.

  • The breadth continues to impress despite the relative weakness in the semis, biotechs and select financials.

  • Young Fokker finally finished up yesterday's poll and the top five baseball players of all time, as voted by the Minyanship are 5) Barry Bonds, 4) Ty Cobb, 3) Ted Williams, 2) Willie Mays and 1) Babe Ruth.

  • What are the odds that TWO teams from New Jersey win world championships in the same season? A few years ago, New Jersey wasn't even considered part of the civilized world!

  • The seller in XLF land is up to a few million.

  • IBM "held" at it's 200-day moving average yesterday and bounced. Watch this level as we trade ahead.

  • Weekend at Cheney's.

  • The bonehead blunder of the day: A Wisconsin Minyan emailed to discuss how awesome his home state is. I agreed, and sent him back an email saying "Wisconsin? I LOVE the beavers--they're good critters!" (Note to self: It's the Wisconsin badgers).

  • During inflection points, historical metrics "feel" obsolete. I think we'll look back at the bull/bull discrepancy and realize that it's still a good contrarian indicator.

  • Alright, everybody and their sister is looking at S&P 950 and NDX 1150 as support. You know what that means.

  • Gold gettin' smoked like a Philly blunt at a Snoop Dogg concert. Watch NEM as it gets closer to 30 (where it broke out from).

  • MU is making some positive comments on the tape. Watch the semis for signs of slippage/traction.

  • Robin Williams and Tom Hanks have come a long way since Mork & Mindy and Bosom Buddies.

  • I've rolled some FNM "down" to lower strikes, thereby taking a little money off the table and keeping my downside exposure.

  • Yes, Tony, I took a lot of creative liberties with the cartoon picture. I kept telling the artist "A little more hair, a little less weight....a little more hair, a little less weight...a little more..." He finally said to me "You look 11." Perfect!

  • LEN reports tonight and HRB reports tomorrow.

  • Looking within is always the hardest view, but it's also the most rewarding.

  • Did anybody ever free Willy?

  • NDX 1210 is the closest upside resistance for tech.

  • With so many players gaming quarter end, does "a" top have to be put in place the week before?

  • We've gotten some great pictures of kids sportin' Minyanville tees. I'll tell ya, children love the critters!

  • Are you bullish...I mean bearish...I mean bullish...I mean bearish? Take a step back and a deep breath.

  • Welcome new Minyans! If you're diggin' our humble little town, please help us in spreading the word. Our readership is our lifeline and we aim to please!

  • VRTS also making some "constructive" comments. Watch this name as a tech tell as well.

  • No, we didn't forget about the all-star guitar, we've got something in the cooker. Stay tuned!

  • Ruby taught me that you have your name and you have your word. I pride myself on both.

  • 'Cause I'm the mellow, the fellow, the one that likes to say hello to a fly girl that is good to go.

  • The long, hard road continues.

  • Beavers...badgers....what's the difference?

  • QCOM never got it's groove on after the March lows.

  • Have you visited Joel recently?

  • I'm seeing some upside call buyers in the biotechs. Are guys starting to game month end already?

  • It was the Dukes, it was the Dukes.

  • Boredom isn't a catalyst for trading.

  • Wasabi!

position in xlf, spx, fnm
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