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Random Thoughts


I wanna go back to the beach!


  • Does anybody really know what the price of tea in China is?

  • The herd hasn't heard this word very often but they should definitely put it on their radar!

  • That'll leave a mark! Rude crude is 5% higher today.

  • A Chicago attorney was permitted to withdraw from representing a serial bad-check writer after he sheepishly admitted that he had taken a check from her for his retainer, but that it had bounced. [Belleville News-Democrat]

  • We don't wanna dole out free lunches--we wanna teach people how to fish for themselves.

  • Authorities in Nashville, Tenn., charged the owner of Metro News with violating the state's Sunday-closing law for adult businesses. He said that he would fight it since he had recently tried to get around the law by occupying a portion of the floor space with a retail furniture business -- although his sign still said customers had to be age 18 or older to shop for furniture. [The Tennessean]

  • The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

  • Have you ever really listened to the words to Eyes Without a Face?

  • Volume remains the bogie in the recent minxy equation. Hoofy maintains that it is a simple seasonal by-product while Boo argues that the only reason we COULD rally was due to the whisper thin environment.

  • Please remain aware that the downtrend lines come into play at S&P 1130ish and NDX 1475ish. If we can leg higher with supportive volume data, it would bode well for the Matador City committee.

  • BKX 98 could be the biggest level out there (if and when).

  • No Laurie today as our Aussie scribe is tending to some personal biz. We expect our mate back tomorrow.

  • Language is funny. If you said "G'day mate" to a woman in a NYC bar, you'd prolly get smacked.

  • Newport is awesome and I highly recommend it as a weekend getaway for east coast Minyans.

  • Gold, which was up a finski and testing three resistance levels this morning, is now flirting with the dark side.

  • Quite possibly the best NCAA Championship LAX game ever.

  • Did you know that Doris Duke was a big fan of critters? She had twelve (formerly stray) German Shepards in her Newport mansion and they lounged wherever they wanted (including the 15th century furniture). Further, two camels (yes, camels) lived in her digs and became fixtures on her rolling landscape.

  • Tony Dwyer swung by to opine that the near-term overbought extremes should create an environment ripe for profit taking in the SPX, SOX and BKX. With that said, his intermediate indicators suggest that any pull back should be more limited than has recently been the case (not advice). Thanks Snoop--we always love hearing your take in the city of critters!

  • Watch Citigroup (C:NYSE) $45--if and when--as mission critical support.

  • Ben Kingsley is supremely talented.

  • It's impossible to help somebody who doesn't want to help himself.

  • Minyan Bryan points out that agricultural commodities (wheat, corn, soy) are soaring after tornados twisted across the Midwest and damaged crops.

  • "I told you so" isn't an appropriate response to questions regarding higher oil prices.

  • The QQV (QQQ volatility index) is up 12% today.

  • If you were out last week, please know that a ton of shorts were unwound in the marketplace.

  • If your Buzz blinks, hit the F5 key to refresh.

  • Minyan Mountain Minglefest. August 20-22. Crested Butte, Colorado. Details to follow. A'right?

  • Agricultural commodities (wheat, corn, soy) are soaring after tornados twisted across the Midwest and damaged crops.

  • Congrats to the T-Wolves on an awesome season.

  • T-Minus 29 days. Get used to it.

  • A pro, Danny, is kinda how you think of yourself. Catch my drift?

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