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Random Thoughts


Denial is not a river in Egypt!


  • Is this an ominous sign with regards to a quack count?

  • The N's over S's dichotomy is manifesting itself via breadth (marginally off vs. 5:1 negative), leadership (semis vs. bank) and tenor (Pavarotti vs. Placido).

  • Did we ever get the REAL story about last summer's blackout?

  • Will Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) continue to look for doctors until someone gives them a clean bill of health?

  • I would like to advocate the removal of glue from this man's immediate reach.

  • If you're not reading the Buzz & Banter daily--and if you don't have the desktop tool downloaded--you're missing some of the best content on Minyanville.

  • The 5 year at 4%. Wowsers.

  • Minyan Jim Gleason opines "288,000 new jobs at an average $30,000 per year income (probably high) is only $8.6 billion per year. Compared to $500 billion per year budget deficit and $500 billion per year trade deficit, the incremental income associated with last month's new jobs isn't even a rounding error." Good perspective.

  • The Earth weighs around 6,588,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. And that was before my anti-diet!

  • Most major league baseball games last about two and a half hours. The actual time in the game during which there is actual action/play underway has been determined to be on average 9 minutes and 55 seconds.

  • Will the SOX re-test the 200-day?

  • The purpose of the journey is the journey itself.

  • What goes around, comes around. Ruby used to tell me that and how true it is!

  • The oil index (XOI) stochastic sell signal kicked in (-1.25%) despite the rude crude. It's currently approaching the trendline from the March lows (XOI 610).

  • I'm gonna try and bang out a "War Stories" this weekend.

  • Lillybean!

  • Besball has been berry berry good to me.

  • I gotta think that the NYSE breadth would have to improve if the semis are to lead us higher.

  • Cyclicals down a percent.

  • "I will be watching you and if I find that you are trying to corrupt my first born child, I will bring you down, baby. I will bring you down to Chinatown" - Jack Byrnes in Meet the Parents

  • Sector rotation is a sign of migrating demand.

  • Kind words make good echoes.

  • Russell 555 remains on our radar.

  • $14 million OUT of the market this week? That doesn't jibe very well with an increasingly robust supply pipeline on the horizon.

  • Phil Villapiano gave my pal Tommy Carden the fur loincloth that John Matuszak wore in the movie Caveman. Tommy, knowing what a Raider freak I am, sent it to me. I very much appreciate the gesture but I've got one (small) question. Did he wash it first?

  • I have a bacon fetish. There, I said it.

  • The metal smelting continues with gold, silver, copper and palladium all getting mined. I had a not-so-snazzy entra point in silver $6.40ish and have been trading around a tough position since. I don't communicate every trade but I've been proactive both ways. I'm a better buyer in this zone, so you know, and will parcel out that inventory on any liftage and trade around a core. Not advice...just sharin' the process.

  • My name is Andrew Sheppard...and I AM the President of the United States.

  • Do any of ye faithful actually know of companies that are hiring?

  • I still fear that a crisis of confidence will ultimately pop the psychology bubble and while I don't know what will burst it, there are certainly a lotta pricks floating around.

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