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More Random Thoughts!


Ooh! That stings!


  • What's the point of eating salad if you soak it in dressing?

  • The midday snapper was a conditional element that needed to take place IF (big if) we're to trade lower.

  • Getting stopped out sucks but that discipline will save you over the long run.

  • Do I think straight down? No -- too easy. The "down-up-DOWN" thesis makes more sense with the real melt coming after the bulls (and bears) buy the "correction."

  • Bond spikage. Sounds kinky!

  • I'm a self-admitted conspiracy theorist -- but until the day I pass, I will believe that there was a "hand" in this last market rally.

  • I can't believe summer is already here.

  • The time to identify risk is after the market has rallied big. The time to identify opportunity is after the market has sold off sharply. Somehow, the investing public has managed to confuse the issue.

  • I'm on a diet -- and Fokker ordered gnocchi and sausage for lunch. Does anybody else think that's rude and selfish?

  • Someday we'll look back at this and it will all seem runny.

  • Watch NDX 1135 as first support.

  • The whole family is in town for cousin Jake's bar mitzvah and we're doing a Friday night powwow for Mother's Day. Fire up the blender -- the margarita mama's in town!

  • Storage trades relatively dry.

  • When is the last time somebody mentioned geopolitical risk?

  • Wait'll you see the toast -- I couldn't even get it through the door!

  • I wouldn't be shocked to see a UMV professor roundtable in the future -- but you might have to get on a plane, Fleck!

  • I saw pictures today of the all-star guitar presentation when Doug Kass, Jordan Farkas and Tennessee Jed presented me with that insane item. Thank you Janet for snappin' the pictures!

  • If it were easy, everybody would do it.

  • Tight stops and defined risk removes emotion.

  • Daisy got a Brazilian bikini wax. Now THAT is exciting!

  • This past month has been a chilly stretch for yours truly but you know what? It could be worse.

  • What's phantom mojo? It's kinda like getting that tingly feeling even after it's gone.

  • The short base is very small but the upside risk is a continued "long squeeze."

  • Hey Mike Santoli -- Wasabi!

  • Emma? Umma!

  • These homebuilders have had some move.

  • Hey Lappy, you pseudo-prep-khaki-wearin-golf club swingin-Jen lovin'-account coverin' madman, how goes it?

  • I haven't taken a real vacation since New Year's.

  • What sectors are my June out-of-the-money puts in? Financials, retailers, cyclicals and tech -- and I'm leaving myself plenty of dry powder. My sense is that this eventual move will be juicy but, again, timing remains the key.

  • I plan on writing a few books in the future. The Ruby Chronicles, A Father's Story and, yes, a walk through the bubble.

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