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Random Thoughts to Start the Session!


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  • I never realized how unpopular I was until I got a spam filter.

  • The Bulletin Board trading volume continues to be mind-boggling. the first four months of '04 is 192.3mm shares and the eight months since September (when the "considerable period" language began) is 333.6mm shares. During 1999 and 2000 combined (on the blowoff to Nazz 5,000) was 198.6mm shares. Gulp.

  • Carrie may need a chaperone to the dance.

  • The S&P 50-day moving average rests above (1128) while the NDX 200-day awaits below (1412). Is this setting up for an N's over S's (as they both find a comparable level?

  • Oil of Oy Vey!

  • How can Japan encourage five day trading respites while the U.S. avoids them at all cost.

  • We've been talking about the perception of America that is shared by other countries. That is an unavoidable topic in a sentiment driven global financial maze.

  • My Bahstan brahs have been noticeably quiet since the Yanks ran off eight straight. I still think pitching will be their Achilles heel.

  • S-t-a (see you real soon,) g-f-l (why? Because it's coming), a-t-i-o-n.

  • Shart!

  • Silver--down 3%--is sitting on its 200-day again. Happy happy joy joy!

  • These last few light volume sessions felt like begrudging rallies. Now it's time to see how receptive the downside is.

  • My sizable contacts were telling me yesterday that they bought stock yesterday a lot easier then they could sell stock.

  • Not only are tomorrow's numbers tough to game, the reaction to those numbers would be tough even if we knew 'em!

  • Bonds. Heavy Bonds.

  • The Matador City quartet needs to see equities begin to react positively to stronger economic data.

  • Mexico is up 15% this year. And that was before Cinco de Mayo!

  • Boredom is not an actionable catalyst.

  • The Lakers have more talent but the Spurs have a better team.

  • The dollar, which failed at the 200-day, has just held the 50-day. It's currently hovering around the 173.6921 day. Oy.

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