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Random Thoughts


Diggin' this action!


  • Yes, I have been seen in the same room at the same time with this guy.

  • The semis--which are a bit crowded on the short side after multiple technical (and emotional) violations--have edged back through SOX 550.

  • "That's great, tell him he's Pele and get him back on." -- English soccer coach John Lambie, when told that a player with a concussion didn't know who he was.

  • The shorter the time frame, the less powerful the technical pattern will be.

  • Markets historically act well after the first rate increase.

  • Breadth is trying to smell better but it's an uphill climb thus far.

  • The Raiders still need a high caliber running back if they have any shot at football redemption.

  • Hope is not a viable investment vehicle.

  • John Mirtz--you should be VERY proud of your stepson.

  • Energy isn't made or lost, it simply changes form.

  • I can "feel" the anxiousness in the market and that has been a bullish signal in the past. But has the dynamic changed?

  • The metals still trade like they need to double up on the Dr. Melfi sessions.

  • Inflation in prices, deflation in compensation?

  • Ya'll know that you can adjust the size of this font on the bottom of the page, right?

  • Did you see Scotto Reamer's late afternoon post yesterday.

  • I heard that Elmer was hired as the new Kool-Aid spokesman.

  • From Fleck's always excellent Rap: "The CEO of Dean Foods (DF:NYSE) said in a press release that "We are currently facing one of the most challenging commodity environments we have ever seen. Inflationary pressures began to impact our business in the first quarter. However the brunt of record-high commodity costs will affect us in the second quarter, adding to the inflationary environment we are already experiencing across our various lines of business."

  • "Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it" - Colin Powell

  • I've heard of community mojo but this is pushin' it.

  • I will do my part to honor the Cinco De Mayo tradition by consuming mass quantities of guacamole tonight. It's only right.

  • Despite these opinions getting a tad louder (crimson tides will do that), it's still very much the minority opinion.

  • What's my long term view on the dollar? Pain.

  • Cursing is unbecoming.

  • I'll have the linguine with white clam sauce and a coke with no ice and the lady will have the same.

  • It's great to read Herb again. On top of being a sharp shooter, he's a fine guy.

  • If I ever find the table that we've all left so much money on, I promise to donate half to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

  • If Penelope Cruz can wear one, so can you!

  • Beeks will swing by tomorrow with non-critter productivity (exp. 3.5%), unit labor costs (exp.nil), initial jobless claims (exp. 335k) and continuing claims (exp. 2791k).

  • I wanna start weighing myself with a BLS scale. Noice!

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