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Random Thoughts


The N's over S's shuffle continues!


  • Fokker had his gold vs. Dow chart all set up for Friday but there were technology issues in posting his charts. We're working on that now so please be patient -- we'll get it up as soon as possible.

  • BKX 800 (past resistance) SHOULD act as support if the breakout is "real." With the group so extended, there's no guarantee that it is but, either way, it's a level to watch.

  • 3M (MMM:NYSE) remains one of the most important tells for the tape.

  • This past weekend put the "fun" in dysfunctional.

  • The dollar continues to offer an excuse for profit taking and, chances are, will be assigned blame by the media should we trade lower.

  • N's over S's.

  • The bar manager at the Four Seasons told me that the NYC ban on smoking impacted his business more adversely than Sept. 11.

  • As it stands, the breadth is (marginally) positive.

  • Seen on a bumper sticker: Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.

  • Why do I view the upside as a game of musical chairs here? With the stochastics so "twisty," the downside could come at any time. That, in a nutshell, is why I'm trading with my current strategy. I'm attempting to make hay while the sun shines but set myself for when the storm hits.

  • SOX 350 is a technical inflection point and the group has traded dry all day.

  • The more I visit my brother, the more suburbia grows on me.

  • As Minyanville grows, we'll be doing more "human interest" stories and, in time, my fellow Minyans (that would be you) will have a chance to share their experiences too! The feedback on Full Circle was -- in a word -- amazing. Thank you!

  • What are good "stop" levels? That is subjective and depends on your style of trading and risk tolerance.

  • I've had better months trading but I'm not sure I've ever felt as wealthy as I did this weekend.

  • The Cisco (CSCO:Nasdaq) (expectation) "bar" has been raised as a function of this latest rally.

  • Did I mention how important MMM is as a trading tell today?

  • The diet starts today! (no, really)

  • The Oakland A's scare me.

  • Does this rally end on a GOOD CSCO report?

  • Nothing worth anything comes easy.

  • Maia and Bradley LOVE the critters. If you've got young kids runnin' around, make sure you check out the artwork at the Gallery!

  • Happy Cinco De Mayo!

  • Take a deep breath and relax your grip -- you just may find that the game is fun to play.
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