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Random Thoughts


Expect to see some posturing and positioning as we edge over today's Hump.

  • Note to self: leave the MV corporate credit card with Vanessa when the time comes.

  • Note the semicaps, highlighted yesterday, as they lead the tech speed higher. That's helping the N's over S's dynamic despite better breadth in the old school (2:1 vs. 3:2)

  • Aware Bears? I was just pinging with a good pal (a renowned and savvy short-seller) and offered that the flaw in Boo's paw is the dollar. If it gets whacked, the tape has the right (but not the responsibility) to run higher.
  • There's nothing wrong with a little Stevie Ray on our time!

  • Professor Matty Ford (of NKU and UMV fame) pinged to let me know that he's hearing a lot of his students chatting up their gains in the single digit (micro cap) midgets. Just a lil' anecdotal food for thought.

  • Remember, Christopher Henderson said that submerged cars have a thirty minute air pocket supply.

  • Hello acne my old friend, we're at S&P 1315 again....

  • Yes, I understand that metal equities have already underperformed the commodities. I'm simply looking to wrap my head around this evolving dynamic.

  • Some further silver vibes, courtesy of Professor Warner. And see Pan American (PAAS) as it grinds back to the flat line after earnings.

  • Does anyone else miss John Candy?

  • Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer....
    Buzz & Banter 10:44

    The Minx slinks to the Thursday fray as the critters look for a meaty play. They see the double-edged technical levels--the S&P is flirting with reverse dandruff style acne as the NDX tickles the trendline from the April high. They also see the dollar, slipping ever-still, and understand that the macro crosscurrents will help shape the direction of our collective rudder.

    As it stands, and despite the lagginess in the financial space (Merrill has joined Citi and Bear in Red Dye), market breadth is supportive of an upside leg and a lil' spigot of liquidity could force the hands of the technical types. You don't have to agree with it--and you certainly don't have to trade it--you simply have to see and respect it.

    Meanwhile, after a few days that felt like a Mercury Retrograde redeux,, the Minyan mojo is back at the hallowed halls as we map out some very exciting stuff. I'm being told by President Fish that we may unveil some spectacular stuff at MIM3 so if you wanna go, but haven't yet locked your spot, get in the game baby!

    Gotta hop--I hope y'all trading 'em right.

  • Minyan Franklin asks from his tower "If there were to be a problem with nationalization, do you think we may be tipped off if insiders start selling their shares?" Great question and I don't profess to know the answer. Did tech CEO's sell in front of the bubble? Some did, many didn't. Regardless, it's something to keep an eye on as we figure it all out.

  • I knew a trader once that picked stocks the same way.

  • Can the tape break out without sponsorship from the financials? As it stands, they're trying to participate despite some laggage in Citigroup, Merrill and Bear Stearns.

  • I just spent twenty minutes with a future Minyanville professor (one of three who is slated to join) and knew, straight away, that he's a Minyan to the core. Why? He's very good at what he does and better at who he is.

  • I typically view crowds as contrary indicators but three of the sharper cookies I spoke to today all opined that the energy patch is gonna hit an oil slick (lower). So ya know and if you're involved.

  • Hello? Is it weed you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile...

  • IF (big if) it's true that a healthcare fund is belly up (and liquidating), there should be a nice lil' Snapper when they clean up. It's an "invisible catalyst," which is tough to game, but it's worthy of a noodle. Somebody call Al Dente!

  • That being said, United Healthcare $45 is an acne level dating back to late 2004/early 2005. I think some defined risk upside calls might be my play into the teeth of this perceived liquidation.

  • Expect to see some posturing and positioning as we edge over today's Hump. With Beeks set to speak tomorrow morning--and Boom Boom hanging on his every word--portfolio managers will likely spend their afternoon getting ready for the orange crop report.

  • R.P.
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