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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Are you in a position to use prices to your advantage?


Have you come here for forgiveness?
Have you come to raise the dead?
Have you come here to play trader?
To the critters in your head?


  • If the nationalization of natural resources indeed becomes a trend, isn't the intuitive trade to buy the underlying metals and short the metal miners?

  • Was that what Newmont President Pierre Lassonde was saying yesterday when he shared his nervous nightmares about Bolivia's oilfield takeover?

  • If Bolivia was so radical in their hoarding of national resources, how can California have more exploration risk?

  • Through isolationist eyes, doesn't it make complete sense that countries begin to hoard their natural resources?

  • And, if we're choosing teams, doesn't Jeff Saut's vibes regarding a North American Community also start to gel?

  • Why can't I stop thinking about a sharply lower dollar fueling higher equity prices?

  • If the greenback slips, say, 40% and stocks rally 20%, will the bulls claim victory despite losing 20% in real terms?

  • If investment banking revenue can no longer justify research expenditures, will human capital provide a segue towards monetization?

  • Are you gonna pull the trigger and lock in the early-bird special for our upcoming Sundance of Finance?

  • And would your firm like to stand shoulder to shoulder with Thomson Financial, TradeStation and MS Howells as sponsors for our widely covered event?

  • Did you notice how Citigroup and Goldman Sachs found some sponsorship into yesterday's late day action?

  • And are you watching Citigroup $50ish as a level of technical lore?

  • I wonder how our kids over in Iraq are doing?

  • Do you "see" the new digital media landscape where "brands" will replace channels?

  • Is there any truth to the chatter that a large and well known healthcare fund is liquidating and that has been partially responsible for the consistent supply in biotech and United Healthcare space?

  • Bennie...Bennie...Bennie....and regrets?

  • Does it mean anything that the greenback is starting the session in Matador City ?

  • Does it mean anything that I'm getting "showed" micro-cap ideas virtually every day?

  • Are you in a position to use prices to your advantage?

  • Will yesterday's traction in the semicaps spill over to today's fray?

  • Can anyone possibly be more excited than I am for the next-gen, non-glitch, added feature, community oriented, user-friendly critter experience that we've mapped out with our tech team yesterday?

  • And, keeping with the question format, will you have a good day today?

  • R.P.
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