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Random Thoughts


Thanks Toddo!


  • Was that a "double top" in the transports in the beginning of May?

  • The horsies (big cap tech) act heavy despite the green seas. Rotation... or telling?

  • I've been rooting for the Mavs in the west but ya gotta give it up for San Antonio. Steve Kerr reminded me of Gerry McNamara at 40!

  • S&P 965 is on everybody's trading radar.

  • I saw a mad rush to buy QQQ and SPY after the 10 a.m. economic numbers.

  • S's over N's?

  • Boo walked into the office this morning with a big smile on his puss. I can't decide if he found his honey bear, he's psyched for Fleck or he's got something up his sleeve.

  • I'm watching the biotechs (BTK 460ish is where it 'failed' earlier this week), the financials (continue to impress), big cap tech (sluggish), our levels (too obvious or self-fulfilling?), breadth (smells good), the PLD's (Xilinx (XLNX:Nasdaq) and Altera (ALTR:Nasdaq)), the macro tells (gold's gettin' smoked) and Fokker. Ya always gotta keep an eye on Fokker!

  • The best way I can describe Maine is that it's the other side of Carmel.

  • Minyanheads among you, don't forget Dark Star Orchestra on Wednesday. We'll figure out where to meet next week.

  • Traders are trying to "push 'em through" to the other side. New era... or false breakout? I'd fall in the camp of they "could" pop through BUT I don't think it's sustainable.

  • Man, Syracuse took a thumpin' in the college lacrosse final four.

  • Queen Casey, due to arrive in our Minyan offices shortly, returns to her West Coast digs tomorrow. I will miss her.

  • Who IS that angel in wings?

  • Has anybody ever seen Tony Dwyer and Neil Glassman in the same room at the same time?

  • The pure semis act heavy while the semicaps act great.

  • Is this the panic -- or do we need to poke through S&P 965 first?

  • Hey Shrebby at Bear -- HERE'S YOUR SHOUT OUT! (if you're still at work)

  • As a function of the lethargy in the big cap techs, I'm gonna slip a leg into the bear costume (25% conviction on the short side). I'll place a relatively tight stop above.
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