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Random Thoughts


We're seeing lots of manicuring in front of tomorrow's FOMC meeting!


  • The problem with the "they act horrible on great news" bearish case is that it'll only be proven wrong after a rally.

  • There's increasing chatter that Elmer will hike tomorrow--and I don't mean Mt. Washington. I don't "think" it happens (yet) but it's possible. More likely, he'll continue to do his jaw exercises and assure us that there are no signs of inflation.

  • We'll take any signs of light in the Raider Nation.

  • Vols continue to portend complacent investors (the VXO is down 3.5%). With that said--and while there have been some short-term pressers--the bigger picture sentiment is still quite yawny. That is one of the reasons why we must remain respectful of trap doors.

  • David Boyd announced as a candidate for the Canadian Parliament, from Halifax, on a platform of marriage reform, specifically to permit same-sex, group and human-android marriages [Daily News -- Halifax]

  • Keep an eye peeled on the consumer index as it slowly works back towards its '04 high (CMR 577). The "consumer over cyclical" trade is--and has been--in motion.

  • NASDAQ COMP 1880-1900 has provided multiple bottoms since last Autumn.

  • Ahh, no, no. Perhaps you misunderstood me. I wish to cancel my original order of the martini and two olives, and go for just the plain cranberry juice, by itself, for the three dollars. And I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  • Saudi businessman Saleh al-Saiairi, 64, who has been married to 58 women (but not more than four at one time), announced he would soon take two more brides and was preparing to randomly select the two current wives he would have to divorce. ). [BBC News]

  • Hope isn't a viable investment vehicle.

  • With a legitimate psychology bubble in place, we must respect the potential that "anti-war" sentiment begins to weigh on the collective sentiment. Not saying that it's there yet--and this isn't a political stance on my part--but the longer the war continues (and the more troops we lose), the greater the chances that it'll impact the financial markets.

  • New Hampshire farmer Chris Weathersbee's house was raided by state police in February and the 44 most sickly of his goats were seized, leaving him 70 still residing in the house. The house is full of hay -- covering the floors to a height of about 2 feet Weathersbee, 63, told reporters that he personally only started sleeping in the house in January (because of the weather). Before that, he had slept in the barn with the goats that couldn't fit in the house.

  • The distance from home plate to the pitcher's plate is 60'6" because the worker misread the blueprint.

  • The NY Post reported Sunday that empty suitcases were found at select locations around NYC transportation hubs. While the prospect of a prank cannot be ruled out, the fear (by some officials) is that it was a "dry run" of potential terror.

  • I attended the Garry Marshall panel yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival. He's quite a guy.

  • When in doubt, flatten out.

  • Trend...or counter-trend?

  • Kevin Garnett takes the NBA MVP. Much deserved.

  • Remember, Minyans, the Minx typically RALLIES in response to the first rate hike.

  • Hug a critter.

  • Bet against Buffett at your own risk.

  • Hoofy would like to see Citigroup (C:NYSE) and the rest of the piggies act better (upside confirmation). Until they do, Snapper must continually look over his shoulder.

  • Thank you...for a real good time.

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