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Random Thoughts


This "could" be a spark in the dark for the emerging unrest.

  • Mission Impossible III: The Escape of Franklin Raines

  • Minyan Mexicano? I would encourage ye faithful to brush up on their spanish. Why? The action in Mexico and Brazil, during the day, has been a decent "tell" for emerging market angst. So you know, they're both up roughly a percent thus far today.

  • Speaking of attempted Snappas, India halved its margin requirements last night in an attempt to stem the two-week, sixteen percent blood-letting. This "could" be a spark in the dark for the emerging unrest.

  • As far as my tech rentals go, I'm happy using trailing stops as we edge towards the weekend. And the metal vs. financials bet? As discussed yesterday, I added to the former and pared the latter as I got that late-day itch. I "think" they're OK for the day but I'm uber-conscious that blood in the streets (and forced selling) isn't out of the question---which is why my discipline will always trump conviction.

  • Vonage Holdings may change its symbol from VG to NVG. It's off another 12, er 13, er, 14% after yesterday's $17 IPO. While this may be "stock specific," it may also be a disturbing liquidity tell. Keep in on ye radar.

  • I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why SunMicro has been such a heavy Betty of late (more so than the tape). And then, last night at dinner, it hit me--I'll bet that "option back tracking" concerns are swirling around this name. Do I have any edge on this? No, just a feel--and while I'm still there, I wanted to pass along the vibe (with hopes that I'm off base).

  • Breadth? 3:1 positive and nary a wink as Boo tries to turn the screws. Plus, the financials remain firmer than Maury's wig, so Hoofy's got that going for him.

  • We continue to hear some buzzin' (read flies) in the semi space and homebuilding arena. This, despite oversold readings that would make a lobbyist blush.

  • Drip, drip, drip....the VXO is off 11% as it retreats from the previously lofty levels.

  • A few Minyans asked how they can "get in on" a Succofest. It's simple--swing by the mountains and lock a spot with an entire stable of human capital.

  • General Malaise? No, General Motors! The Detroit Piston is pushin' through to levels unseen since Captain Kirk staked his claim. Personally, I love my position in this name (flat) as it's more crowded than the shrimp station at a Bar Mitzvah.

  • Do you really think that money and fame aren't modern day idolatries?

  • And Finally, President Fish shared the following words on today's Buzz and, as they're important, I wanted to pass them along to the rest of ye faithful:

    The Buzz on The Buzz

    Our focus over the past year has been to constantly improve our product. Lately the challenges have come more frequently than we would have liked. Yet, the Buzz and Banter remains the premier delivery tool for insight and information.

    I want to tell you what we're doing to make The Buzz better than ever:

    1. We are upgrading our servers to handle the new initiatives we have underway. We know you have the need for speed, and so do we.

    2. We are in the process of developing a completely new Buzz which will launch in June. It will have more information, better delivery and the ability to customize it your way – with filters, search capability, bookmarks, and easy navigation.

    Finally, the new Buzz and Banter will be web based with no installation necessary.

    Our goal with the new Buzz is to give you what you said you want…. information that is reliable, with no hassles, and with blazing speed. We have invested significantly to make this happen. So keep your eyes open, The New Buzz is on its way and we think you're going to like it. The Buzz... Real World, Real Time, Real Smart!

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