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Minyan Mailbag: Keeping it Real


Thanks for sharing Michael!


Editor's Note: Minyanville is a community of people who share an interest of fiscal literacy. As perspective is an important aspect of our daily routine, we share this email with hopes that it adds balance to your process.


June 27, 2004. Everything was fine until that day. Good career as a pharma rep. with national recognition etc. Wonderful friends and the greatest family in the world. Then I got a DUI. Guilty as hell. Multiple offender too.

It was a single car crash. No one hurt and Thank God.

Since then I have lost my job, company car, benefits, 10 years of industry experience, respect in the healthcare community and on and on. I am trading to make ends meet and safe to say I am hanging on by a thread. It's been a hard 11 months and I am still not over the emotional hump.

Although I was greatful no one was ever hurt by my past indiscretions, my focus after that day was still how the DUI changed my life. Until last week when I finished my last court order: Meet with a family member whom lost a loved one to a drunk driver.

Suddenly there was a face in a picture and a voice behind it with a tale to tell. And a realization that I have lost not a single thing. How selfish of me.

I read your note about Joel today. I have spent the last 2 hours going over every inch of that website. Seeing all of his family, friends, animals and experiences and the joy and sadness that lies beneath it all and I have found myself thinking about what should have been for him and, for me, a thought of what could have been for someone else.

As a very tight family from the coal fields of West Virginia, we draw strength from our roots. From those still with us and those whom have found a more spiritual home. That is why I never really celebrate my birthday. My Grandfather was born on the same day, and his wife and my Grandmother died on that day as well. I guess she just had a bigger party to go to.

That day we all share is May 17th, which happens to be Joel's birthday.

I pray my future birthdays bring my thoughts back to my roots of blessed family and friendship, and God Willing a moment alone to ponder Joel. I hope that moment will always remind me of what should and could have been. Now I must go and call my only brother to tell him a terrible truth of what really happened to his little brother and why things have been so estranged lately. (Thanks Ricky)

The 'Ville is a wonderful place Toddo.

A very humble MInyan Michael


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