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Random Thoughts


If you sense a move comin'--but don't know the direction--gamma is always an alternative.


  • Crank up the volume and "see" the future!

  • Please pay very close attention to the action in the piggy banks. BKX 95 is a monster level (200-day and from where we broke) and Citigroup (C:NYSE) $45 is pretty decent support. One of these puppies is gonna get pulled.

  • Perception is reality.

  • Ewwww!

  • In March, a 62-year-old man was ejected from the Spring Haven Retirement Community in Winter Haven, Fla. after he punched one resident (age 86) and bit another (age 78) in a brawl over his apparent habit of foraging at the salad bar for his favorite kind of lettuce. His 80-year-old mother, also a resident, conceded that "it did appear that he was playing with the food." [Winter Haven News Chief]

  • We know THE levels (S&P 1076-1108 and NDX 1375-1440) but the "other" areas to watch are S&P 1090/NDX 1405ish (on the downside) and S&P 1105/NDX 1425 (on the upside). Those are the pennant levels on either side of the flag.

  • Keep an eye on our ol' pal Fannie (FNM:NYSE). They have their annual shareholder meeting today and all eyes on you Mr. Raines.

  • It's IN the computer?

  • I've been "trading around" silver (from the long side) since April with the thesis that the dollar is gonna poop out (and I wanted an alternative currency). My initial entry was in the $6.40's but I effectively scaled into the meltage and lowered my average price below $6. So you know--and in the interest of sharing the process--I made sales into the recent lift. Why? The crystallization of Carrie. I still own some--but I prolly owned too much in the hole and I'm trying to use price to my advantage.

  • The Pacers are the "funnest" team to come outa the east in years.

  • Those pennant formations (S&P/NDX) are getting close to the schvitz or get off the pot points.

  • Any good ideas for a Memorial Day jaunt?

  • Fokker and I are gonna joust for this one.

  • Interesting perspective from a government official.

  • Minyan Faysal Badran from Beirut pinged to let me know he appreciates our prayers of peace.

  • Don't force it brah--it'll show itself.

  • After visitor Dave Alsop stopped his car in the West Midland Safari Park in England to photograph Sharka the rhinoceros mating, Sharka uncoupled and instead passionately mounted Alsop's small Renault automobile, heavily denting it before Alsop could drive away. [Reuters]

  • Triple checking that everyone sees the pennant formations in the N's and S's.

  • It should never take something bad to make you realize how good you've got it NOW.

  • And you thought that TALKING to a bull and bear was odd?

  • My SPAM filter continues to digest some good with the bad so please make sure you include a 'subject' with each email.

  • Marcie Dahlgren-Frost. Dahlgren is my maiden name, Frost is my married name. I'm single again, but I never bothered to remove the frost. And I get compliments on the hyphen.

  • NYSE breadth is once again trying to establish a positive bias. Volume has once again failed to support it.

  • Don't hate the player-hate the game.

  • It's gonna get slow and slower as we edge towards the weekend. If you have any questions for the Minyan Mailbag, please send 'em in.

  • Remember, Minyans, the Minx will likely begin pricing the weekend into option volatility levels.

  • Something tells me that it's gonna be a long NFL season for yours truly.

  • The brokers never caught a bid with their money center brethren. That's a sign of relative supply.

  • The Donger need food!

  • Nobody will believe in you until you believe in yourself first.

  • Most of the homies--with the exception of Pulte (PHM:NYSE)--are approaching their 200-day moving average.

  • The S&P topped out when crude breached $35 on the upside.

  • I'm not your brah.

  • Zero percent financing will go down in history as one of the primary elements of the "debt era."

  • Sport a critter and wear 'em proud!

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