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Random Thoughts


Good luck Farley!

  • This critter is NOT allowed in Red Dye!

  • Here we go again...Fitch has cut General Motors (GM) and GMAC to junk. This has the potential to roil sentiment given the "all clear" signal that alotta bulls seem to sense. To review some of Brian's recent vibes on this dynamic, please click here.

  • Is it wrong to assume that a spate of bankruptcies will file before the law shifts?

  • Some vibes from Jeff Saut of Raymond James, as shared through Minyan Rob Fraim (I swear, I didn't mean to make that rhyme):

    The overbought/oversold indicators that he uses are not far from being as overbought as they ever get.

    In answer to the bull case citing the strength in technology, he says that when laggard groups finally rally, playing catch-up, it is typically in the late stages of the overall rally.

    He can't shake the feeling that, as he has stated before, "There is something out there." He likens it to another "something out there" call that he made in 1998.

  • This is a day late but a bunny story.

  • "While there are structural elements (negative gamma) and stealth catalysts (S&P addition), I'm starting to get that "enough is enough" feeling with Google. Actionable? Let's just say I would keep my risk very defined if I was hanging with Hoofy." -- My earlier post on the Buzz (10:53)

  • "Over in Google (GOOG) the shorts are sweating like a Star Wars fan talking to a girl! From where I sit GOOG looks ready to go through 270 like a hot knife through butter (not advice). We've already traded $265 today and within the first hour and a half my computers are tracking 15,500 June 260 calls trading up $5.50 or 77% to $12.70 and the June 270 calls are right behind, trading 11,300 contracts up 100% on the session to $8.40. Folks, if there are any doubters left out there consider this, the June 300 calls have traded 5,600 contracts thus far and are up $1.55 to $2.60! You have to go up to the June 340 calls to find a call trading for less than a dollar. Shock and Awe!" -- Doctor Jon Najarian, offering the other side of the argument (11:10 AM)

  • She left behind her bikini, some Hawain Tropic and a trail of memories for Boo.

  • "We are raising our 12-18 month target on the S&P 500 (SPX) to 1440 from prior of 1330. Since we are halfway through 2005, fair value assumptions should be based off 2006 estimates. We are assuming an 18 multiple on SPX operating earnings of $80, which is roughly the mid-point between Thomson's bottom-up and top-down estimates." -- Snoop Tony Dwyer of FTN Midwest (yesterday on the Buzz).

  • Two words: The patch.

  • Clown car!

  • The proliferation of cable channels and fledging networks has put alotta players in "content crunch" situations. Here's an idea...snarky financial content in an animated format that engages, educations and entertains!

  • Conundrum Capitulation?

  • Vibes from Minyan John Mauldin.

  • On the heels of the Fitch punt, General Motors (GM) is sneaking back to Captain Kirk's tender level.

  • While I know a broken clock is right twice a day, please note the 2% giggle that is the XAU.

  • In the context of a psychology bubble, we need to remain alert and on guard for potential sentiment shifts.

  • Shave and a haircut, two Yuans!

  • Please take some time and take a look at the Minyans in the Mountains II site. We've got a pretty sharp collection of thinkers coming to this Festivus and it will offer the most comprehensive embodiment of the MV vision to date. This isn't just a seminar, it's an opportunity to build relationships and craft a "thought profile" that will allow Minyans to better position for their financial future.

  • I/O...U?

  • Is anybody else ready for some football?

  • That's Professor FleckenSTEIN!

  • We've settled on a name for our summer pledge. From here on out, it is declared that young Brian will be known as FARLEY. He's not a "fat guy" nor does he sport a "little coat" but if you saw him, you'd, "get it."

  • Look at me, the GSE's....

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