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Random Thoughts


Rude crude!


  • Adriana--SEE YA!

  • Is this 1994? No, it's 2004...and I'll maintain that the war & the bubble make this period unique. That's been my main beef with all of these historical comparisons--we're coming out of the biggest financial bubble in history. Does it really make intuitive sense that we'll follow the mold, er, script?

  • It's uber-quiet. Bearish tell (lower volume rally attempts) or seasonal sniffles?

  • I prefer July options to June. Why? June 30 is Elmer's Zoo and the Iraqi handoff.

  • Optimism still abounds.

  • With the exception of a brief blip higher (the head?), the QQQ has been shouldering along at the same price since October.

  • Three generations of Minyans! Congrats to Sol, Dan and mini-Minyan Benjamin on the new addition!

  • There are more people in China who speak English than there are in the United States.

  • I still feel that the ultimate unraveling of financial markets will be triggered by a crisis of confidence.

  • Too many barbies, not enough shrimp.

  • I had a very nice sit down with Dr. Marc Faber on Friday. No promises--but I believe that there's a good shot at him writing an occasional column for the 'Ville. Boo has already dusted off a seat!

  • Hope isn't a viable investment vehicle on the short side either.

  • Kerry Collins...Greg Collins!

  • Alligator ARMS!

  • Other than humans, pigs are the only animals that can get sunburn

  • Speaking of which...I am officially back on my diet. Between the back pain and the stomach gain, I feel like an old man. It's time to take matters--rather than food--into my own hands! My mantra? Ten less by 35!

  • To quote my pal (and uber-technical analyst) John Roque: "Strong stocks and markets bounce quickly off of support. The inability of the S&P to bounce, so far, off its 200-day moving average is a concern."

  • In the city--of L.A. In the city--of Watts. In the city of Compton (city of Compton) we keep on rockin'...we keep on rockin'.

  • Carrie is sniffin' at her corsage.

  • The word "checkmate" in chess comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat, "which means "the king is dead."

  • Fear vs. Fear. Be very sure that before you begin discussing the levels of angst in the market, you qualify it with a time frame. I'm fairly certain that we're a WAYS away from genuine longer-term fear.

  • I'm diggin' the Iron Horse and his new fear measure.

  • It's lookin' like the weekend of August 21st for the Minyan Mountain Minglefest and although we don't have anything "set" yet, circle that date. I think that this will be an awesome time and allow the Minyan family to vibe with one another.

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE) just ticked red for the first time today.

  • Happy birthday Bob Dylan!

  • Dubya is tawkin' tonight--be on the lookout for pre-speech posturing.

  • Amazing--the clock ticks 12:30 and the "Randoms???" instant messages start popping up.

  • I'm quickly earning a reputation as Maia's silly uncle.

  • Crude up 5.55%. This was widely recognized as one of the rally catalysts this morning.

  • Breadth still smells a'right, though, with two winners greeting each loser on the NYSE.

  • Why does know..."smell" like it does?

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