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Random Thoughts


Where's the love?


  • Tightening reins, Franklin Raines...whateva.

  • Remember the teacher in Charlie Brown?

  • I had a fantastic dinner last night with Jeff Saut of Raymond James. We jibed on alotta thoughts and he made a great point regarding "financials in drag"--companies such as General Electric (GE:NYSE) and General Motors (GM:NYSE)--that create more pressure (dependence) on the financial mechanism. Smart cookie.

  • Is there a subliminal message or am I seeing things?

  • Doesn't it chap your arse when you go to the drug store and there's one cashier (out of four terminals) and ten people standing in line?

  • This is a Pepe Depew suggestion.

  • Cartman is to South Park as (Blank) is to Minyanville. a) Fokker b) Daisy c) Boo d) Sammy e) Hoofy

  • The semis are slippy--watch 'em brah.

  • Watch the cyclicals on the heels of this week Philly Cheesesteak, er, Fed. Prices paid component higher too. S-t-a see you real soon, g-f-l why? because we have to! a-t-i-o-n....

  • Shy fly?

  • On this date in 1506, Christopher Columbus died (penniless) in Spain.

  • After considerable consternation and much deliberation, I've decided that I would be the world's biggest hypocrite if I didn't attend my niece Maia's "Grandparents and special friends day." As such, I will be out of the 'Ville tomorrow as I play super-uncle in Baltimore. Thanks kindly for your understanding.

  • So forget Oreos; eat Cool J-cookies.

  • Wasabi Cantor Sal!

  • NYSE breadth is outperforming the four-letter freaks. That's a recipe for S's over N's.

  • The Russell 2000--Carrie's favorite stateside proxy--is churnin' under the 200-day.

  • Please do my brother Lionel a solid and cast a solid vote for his restaurant 1 Little West 12th St. (located in the meat packing district in NYC). The avg. cost is $35/pp. Thanks!

  • Gotta hop out for a quick lunch meeting so...gotta cut the Randoms short. Sorry team--I'll make it up to ya.

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