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Random Thoughts


What are the chances of this slithery tape staying in this range all week?


  • Traders who pressed Home Depot (HD:NYSE) on the Lowe's (LOW:NYSE) earnings got squeezed. Traders who bought Lowe's on Home Depot's earnings got spanked. Minxy!

  • The PPH (Pharmaceutical HOLDRs) would have broken a triple top at 80 but never confirmed the signal. As Jack Skiba used to say when referring to Dorsey Wright analysis, "Never anticipate the anticipator!"

  • The dollar is (yawn) starting to slip again.

  • Did you know Fokker was the editor of his high school newspaper? Maybe that's why he still hangs around the local high schools so much.

  • While my favorite vacations typically involve some hiking and mountain biking in Zona, I'm excited to visit Maine for the first time.

  • If I had my druthers, I'd be somewhere between "less filling" and "tastes great."

  • Is there any wonder why there's a perceived shelf-life among traders?

  • Lock Casey and I in a room for few hours and good things always happen. Can you imagine what five days is gonna produce?

  • I think they should enter Osama Bin Laden into this year's Ultimate Fighting Championship.

  • How many of you yawned when reading the dollar blurb above?

  • Setting stops removes emotional variance.

  • Can you imagine how many random thoughts I've written this year? Makes for good bathroom reading, no?

  • Did you know that Morgan Freeman started out as a soap opera actor?

  • When does the blood-letting end in big-cap pharma?

  • There's chatter of a surprise Elmer snip out there.

  • I've used this before but it's still funny: How come as we get older, it's easier to lose money and harder to lose weight? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  • Emma Kahn. Emma Kahn. Emma Kahn, lemme love you, lemme rock you Emma Kahn, let me love you. that's all I wanna do, Emma Kahn.

  • Arugala. It's a veg-e-table.

  • Did I mention that Syracuse is in the Lacrosse final four?

  • WHY can't In-and-Out burger have stores in New York? I lived on double doubles and strawberry shakes in high school.

  • If you believe in the double-D thesis (debt/derivatives) or the dreaded triple-D thesis (debt/derivatives/deflation), Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) is the natural proxy.

  • A whole heckuva lotta Minyan white light is being sent to Jackson Reamer.

  • It's not a bike, it's a chopper baby.

  • The S&P 920-925 band is tighter than my pants -- and they're fairly snug!

  • Serendipity 3 remains my all-time favorite lunch venue.

  • I can't believe it's summer already. Oh Sandy!

  • The action in gold and the dollar paints an ominous picture for equities. It may not be today's business (there's still the up/DOWN potential) but it's something to monitor. After all, if (when) we spill, the media will make it seem obvious.

  • I love my country with all my heart but I've become jaded by the political process.

  • Why does chocolate frosting need cake in the first place?

  • Kohl's (KSS:NYSE), Boeing (BA:NYSE), UTStarcom (UTSI:Nasdaq), Boston Scientific (BSX:NYSE), Target (TGT:NYSE), VeriSign (VRSN:Nasdaq) and Veritas (VRTS:Nasdaq) are all having analyst or shareholder meetings tomorrow.

  • I was talking to my friend Mike Cahill yesterday about the stressful steps we take each day. He said something very simple: If Bill Meehan walked into your office and could say one thing to you, what would it be? I knew the answer. "Be happy, you swine, and enjoy every moment you have on this earth."

  • Has anybody seen Tony "Hair" Dwyer? (He's gonna kill me for that one!)

  • Tick tock.

  • Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Oh yeah, here it is... Samsonite!

  • Ah, what the heck... it's my last day of the week. A free Minyanville FLEECE to the first person who emails with the answer to the following question: How many professional (U.S.) sports franchises DON'T end with the letter "s"?
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