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Get up!

  • You may have noticed that Minyanville experienced some technical difficulties this morning. It happens to every website but that does little to quell the collective angst regarding the disconnect in our communiqué. I humbly offer our sincere apologies and a heartfelt promise that we're doing everything under the sun to alleviate these issues in the future.

  • Pepe pointed out that this was the first two hours in company history--a total of 62,604 hours of operation--that we've been Debbie Downers. It put things in perspective but did little to mitigate my frustration.

  • It could be worse, I suppose--we could, for instance, be playing a very serious game of geopolitical chess where Iran has moved its rook directly in front of Queen Israel.

  • With regard to our dialogue suggesting that we're a country of "immediate gratification" that is passing our financial obligations to our kids, perhaps I've had it wrong. Maybe we are, in fact, skipping a generation and assigning that debt to our grandkids.

  • OK--tell the truth; were you a Ponch fan or a John fan growing up?

  • Also mitigating our morning bummeroni? Minyan Gerry Vos swung by after his "close call" for hugs and handshakes. A buddy who is back from a serious scare vs. two hours of website troubles? Yeah, it's not really all that bad.

  • When there's smoke, there's fire? Apex Silver (SIL) acted quite curious a few weeks back as it gapped lower for no apparent reason. After a nice little Snapper, which I actually dabbled in for a quick schnitz, the stock is off 30% as fears of Bolivian nationalization manifest. That's pulling down the tertiary silver stocks just as excitement was starting to manifest regarding the upcoming silver ETF.

  • It's worth noting that the commodities themselves have barely blinked despite the risks imbedded in the equity places. If anything, this latest Bolivian spin highlights the fact that metals are the object of abject desire.

  • The S&P internals (9:5) continue to act better than their four-letter counterparts, paving the way to S's over N's action.

  • In the financial realm, the brokers are doing a bit of 'mean reverting' as Goldman leads and Citi lags.

  • The drillers are trying to oxycute the bears as they probe fresh acne at OSX 230.

  • Energy...and metals. Energy...and metals. Energy...and metals. We've been talking about it for years and it's unfolding before our very eyes. This isn't a trade suggestion, mind you, but when I'm looking for long-term holdings, I prefer this space to the over-owned financials and tech arenas.

  • Deep breath, Minyans, emotions are best left for weddings and funerals. And yes, I'm talking to myself as this hasn't been the finest morning in Minyanville history.

  • This is precisely why bubbles are formed in the first place.

  • SunMicro (+3%) is quietly trying to put the all-important $5 level underfoot.

  • Who do you think has a higher approval rating?

  • The ability not to trade is sometimes as important as trading ability. The ability to not break phones is sometimes as important as a new phone.

  • The greenback, after trying to snap higher yesterday, continues to waffle under DXY 86. If it can't find its footing soon, that support will morph into resistance.

  • R.P.
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