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Morning Randoms


Good luck Minyans!


  • Alan Greenspan's wallpaper?

  • We saw a pretty meaty print in United Healthcare (UNH) yesterday that immediately reminded me of the early March Exxon Mobil print that ushered in a prolonged rotation away from the group.

  • Turn that frown upside down!

  • I chronicled a trade attempt yesterday that didn't work out as planned. While it's certainly frustrating, I'm hopeful that the process continues to add value to the Minyanville experience.

  • Looking ahead (while enjoying the moment), Hoofy is hopeful that a few dynamics evolve. If psychology can embrace the notion of this rally, the bulls will look for a long squeeze (buyers are higher) into the thin holiday weeks. I certainly don't sense a runaway train but you always wanna see the entire spectrum of potential return.

  • Denial, migration or panic?

  • If we ever build Minyanworld Amusement Park, we'll have our own rendition of Fantasyland. There will be no inflation, buoyant markets, honest central bank communication and harmony across borders.

  • Pass the Buck. Quick!

  • Is expiration exacerbating the upside action? Quite possible-we know the "meat" typically comes down the pipe the week of (rather than on the actual) expirations.

  • We don't "do" politics in the 'Ville unless they have implications for the flickering ticks. As we're edging through a very delicate dance with denial, however, we must keep our eyes wide open for potential unrest.

  • Elmer was chirping on the GSE's this morning and offered that implied guarantees create a systematic risk. He also opined that Congress must limit Aunt Fannie's (FNM) and Uncle Freddie's (FRE) portfolios and that the U.S. is "highly dependent" on GSE risk managers who must "do everything right."

  • A quick morning sniff finds the dollar grabbin' some green back (+35 bips), fluxy metals, marginally green bourses and a jiggy Snapper in Asia. NKY 11,200 is the top end of the "churn range" (under resistance) for the tricky Nikkei.

  • The poster child for staying single.

  • Minyan Housekeeping:

    • We're moving MVHQ this weekend as we expand the critter mission and build upon our dream.

    • We will officially welcome our new Managing Editor to the 'Ville next week. (You're gonna be psyched!)

    • We will have details on Minyans in the Mountains II any day now as we usher this puppy outa the gate.

    • We will continue to "keep you up" as we build the 'Ville brick by brick. The purpose of the journey is the journey itself and we very much wanna share it with ye faithful.

  • How can you not think 'bust'?

  • Why don't cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny!

  • Pirates of the Caribbean?

  • Do you wanna chill in the 'Ville for free? How about attending Minyans in the Mountains II as our guest? Mr. Fish has set up a snazzy new "Recruit a Minyan" program that'll reward Minyans for their kind vibe. Please take five minutes and help us build the critter dream!

  • Enjoy your journey today.

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