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Random Thoughts


Discipline is the common thread of any sound trading strategy!


  • The day in the mind of Phoebe: "FOOD!...time to nap...gotta there more food yet?...lick myself...quick check!...where the heck is Toddo?...stare at the pigeon...move into the sun spot...sniff Zoë...sit in kitchen...fantasize about turkey...nap...FOOD?"

  • If everyone just put $10 per month under their mattress...

  • Chinese food for thought...There is increasing chatter that this global jig is being attributed to Chinese Central Bank Gov Zhou Xiaochuan (say that ten times fast!). He said last night that his country will hold off on raising rates (to slow the economy) because inflation is below 5%. He made the comments at 11pm EST and that's when the jump started.

  • The Minyan Mountain Minglefest maybe in motion! We're sniffin' out the weekend of August 21st. Daisy in mountain biking gear? Oh behave...

  • The Washington Post reports "The Bush administration is struggling to counter growing sentiment--among U.S. lawmakers, Iraqis and even some of its own officials--that the occupation of Iraq is verging on failure, forcing a top Pentagon official yesterday to concede serious mistakes over the past year." How does a bi-partisan trader quantify that risk? That's the question we must all ask ourselves--however difficult--as we edge towards the election (and beyond).

  • Gimme the munch and keep the crunch.

  • Does Citigroup (C:NYSE) pin $45 and, if so, does it cap the Minx into Friday?

  • Snaps to Minyan Jeff Saut--the uber-savvy Ramond James strategist--for slippin' out of the fur and into his hoofs recently. While he continues to feel that the upside is limited, he cited a number of technical measures--including Lowry's "trading buy signal" last week (cited on Minyanville)--as the clay that helped to mold his decision making process. He concurs that (slightly below) last week's lows are intuitive stop levels.

  • I'm still shorting Charles Woodson on any strength. Hey Collins--check a borrow!

  • Silver is up more than 4% and edging towards the 200-day (5.94). For those of you who were "uncomfy" during the recent metal lethargy, remember how that felt and balance yourself accordingly. You always wanna be in a position to buy lower and sell higher.

  • Take the train, it's cheaper...

  • I'm having some schnitzel tomorrow night with professor Succo and Mr. Faber (thanks Pulse Trading). This will be the second time in as many weeks that I may not be the most bearish person in the room--or at the table!

  • I've got a high noon lunch meeting, an on-the-bell Minyan meeting and early dinner eat-and-meet. I'm fatter, er, flattered!

  • Congrats to the big unit, Randy Johnson, for pitching a perfect gem at age 40. The older I get, the more impressive that seems.

  • Those pesky semis are testing their May highs (SOX 470) and edging ever-so-closer to their kiss of death (50-day/200-day crossing signal).

  • I thought you said there were blanks in that gun? Holy schvitz! There were blanks in that gun. Holy schvitz! Maybe he had a heart attack? HOLY SCHVITZ!

  • Please remember that negative gamma isn't directionally biased, per se, as it'll exacerbate both sides of the price action.

  • Minyan John Roque was on the tube tawkin' Citigroup (C:NYSE) as the most important stock in his (parallel) universe.

  • Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.

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