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The Joel Soul




Sometimes we ride on our horses
Sometimes we walk alone
Sometimes the songs that we hear
Are just songs of our own

(Grateful Dead)

I swung by my apartment (on the way to my marathon mind-meld with Casey) and, shockingly, I found myself in front of this keyboard. I wasn't planning on another post today as I'm admittedly fried and out of gas. Still, the beauty of this community is the interactive energy that exists between all Minyans and I had an overwhelming desire to write. Not about the market... I think we've all had it up to our eyes with the market. Rather, I simply wanted to wish you all a fine, relaxing and peaceful weekend with those you hold close.

We're conditioned by society to measure ourselves by rank, status or level of professional accomplishment. That's particularly true in finance and, as a result, our jobs can often feel overwhelming. I just wanted to remind you to be good to yourself and not let the Minx consume you. If true happiness is found within, our real success can never be measured by the size of our wallets. I know a lot of wealthy people who are miserable and some of the richest people I know live day-to-day. The sad part is, there are a lot of people out there who will never get "it."

Five years ago (next week), a close friend of mine was crossing a road in Southampton, New York. It was late, dark and foggy and I had just said goodbye to him at a local tavern. An hour later, as I pulled out of the parking lot, the streets were closed off by fire engines and police cars. It was a holiday weekend and I remember thinking that it was a simple sobriety check point. As I pulled past a squad car, I asked an officer what had happened. "Someone was killed. Happy Memorial Day." was all he said. I felt a wave of sadness and, not knowing who it was, I drove back to my house. Two days later (I had no phone), a mutual friend walked up to me with a quizzical look. "You don't know, do you? That person... who died... it was... Joel."

That was the first time I felt "it" and twice since then, when Ruby died and then on Sept. 11, I've been reminded of "it." I'm not trying to bring you down. Quite the contrary, I'm simply reminding you to maintain perspective and make every minute count. It should never take something bad to remind us how lucky we truly are. Be good to others and better to yourself... and do something Joel this weekend, we could all use some of his special spirit.

Fare ye well.

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