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Random Thoughts!


Hey Daisy, nice tail!


  • Don't you hate covering (selling) a stock only to walk into a downgrade (upgrade) the next day?

  • The banks and brokers act very well.

  • "In the cow business, we call a market like the one we are in now, a green grass market. Cause in the spring when grass is plentiful, a cattleman buys cattle at any price. Even if he knows better, he buys cattle. But the wise old cowboy just waits till the grass dies in the hot summer and buys the same cows (a lot thinner and at lower per lb prices) for a lot less." --Cowboy John B. Collier IV, The Collier Diamond C Ranch

  • Brian, doesn't the level of corporate issuance (coupled with the insider selling) raise a flag for equities?

  • Chatter of capex cuts is weighing on the semicaps. I'm involved (small) and actively day-trading so please don't misinterpret my reasoning for passing along the info. I'm simply trying to demonstrate how peripheral opportunities can present themselves daily.

  • John Cougar Melloncamp was the last concert I saw at Irving Plaza, and he was awesome!

  • Nipples Neuberger, sit up straight!

  • A big Minyan wasabi to Jill, York, Soskis and Berger!

  • My biggest fear for Boo? Pull up a chart of the Japanese Nikkei from 1990 to 2000 (denominated in Yen). You see the drop, pop and grind in 1995 -- before the blowoff? The bullish phase (within the context of a multiyear bear cycle) lasted longer than anyone expected. The bears were ultimately right -- what was left of 'em, anyway.

  • The autos and auto suppliers continue to trade heavy.

  • My tank is running on fumes. Thank god it's Friday!

  • The triple-D thesis (debt, derivatives, deflation) isn't a day-trading strategy, it's a big picture observation that will likely take many years show itself. Hint: When you read about it in the newspaper, it'll likely be too late to act.

  • Professor John Succo joined us for schnitzel last night and offered his guesstimation that the total value of the derivative market is roughly $150 trillion. Man... I don't even know how many zeros that is!

  • While financial education will always be a hallmark of Minyanville, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see some of the other things we're doing. Benevolence knows no bounds!

  • There was a time I'd be itching for the weekend so I could run around and get nutty. Now, I get excited at the prospect of an early dinner and sleeping in. Maturity? Wisdom? Inner peace? Nah... I'm just really friggin' tired!

  • Danny Conners, not to be confused with the minxy Tara Dekel, is sitting next to me and Snoop Tone (Casey's still sleeping, that slacker!). Hmm... has anybody ever seen Danny and Tara in the same room at the same time!

  • Chicago Minyan Charles Martell has invited me out to Wrigley in June for the Yanks vs. Cubs. Anybody wanna make a market on me getting my ass kicked?

  • Traders are telling me S&P 938 and NDX 1148 matter. So you know.

  • Hey Tony (aka alligator arms) -- SUSHI IS ON YOU THIS TIME!

  • Fokker was interviewing young ladies last night to be his assistant. Hey kid, does that shtick still work?

  • Look at the Dell (DELL:Nasdaq) chart. Now look at a chart of 3M (MMM:NYSE). Now go back to sleep.

  • Transports! Transports! Transports!

  • Merchandise! Merchandise! Merchandise! (hint!)

  • S&P downgraded New York State debt today. Think about that for a second.

  • The dollar/monopoly peg quest continues.

  • Fokker Kahn!

  • Boo and Daisy just slipped out of the room together... interesting.

  • Tony is getting very anxious... I think he's got the Daisy DTs.

  • The Full Circle piece was tremendously cathartic and, for those of you who've never tried writing, you should give it a go. I never wrote before fallng into my old column in July of 2000 and now? I couldn't imagine a life without writing.

  • Alright, time to make the doughnuts.
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