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Random Thoughts


Can't wait for tonight's Uber-Fest!

  • Do they have pound cake in the U.K?

  • Fed Gov Poole was on the tape earlier opining that the "soft patch may get revised away." That is, perhaps, the most honest thing I've ever heard from the Fed.

  • "With so many itchy trigger fingers around, the wild gyrations on perceived catalysts shouldn't shock us. For my part, I've learned to take a step back and watch for tertiary signs in the center of the storm. When the EIA data was released, I turned my seat and stared at the internals (which didn't improve). As it stands, I'm gonna roll down my bear costume "stop" to just above the tighter and more defined NDX 1460 level. I figure that's prudent considering my time horizon and risk profile." -- 10:37 Buzz

  • Kentucky. Alcohol. Horsing around. Sounds like Meehan is up to his old tricks again.

  • The more layers we peel off this onion, the more tears will likely be shed.

  • There are some real whoppers in here but my favorite has to be: "I'm thinking I need to buy a house a year for the next 10 years and then retire," he said. Since he didn't say "a house a month for the next 10 months" I suppose there is yet more room for the bubble to grow. - Scott Reamer

  • A sneak peak in Red Dye!

  • "People trying to make money over other's perceived misery rarely pays off." -- Greg Ehlers of UBS.

  • Please note that beta proxy Brazil is off 1.5% and cracking the 200-day moving average. This was a decent "tell" on the way up and is worthy of a mention as it's going the wrong way! (how does he know where we're going?)

  • Girly Moon!

  • Can the dollar and equities rally in synch? Not for long, in my most humble opinion.

  • Remember the Aunt who shows up at family picnics and embarrasses herself?

  • The menu for tonight's uber-Succofest?

  • The media space is getting' jack hammered today as a function of Dreamworks (-15%) and the broken dreams at Warner Music Group (WMG).

  • Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?

  • "At the risk of sounding naïve, we doubt the next blow-up of any consequence is far removed from the template of 1998. What we suspect is similar to the same song sung by speculators throughout the ages, the reduction of liquidity has a tendency to stop the music, and there are usually not enough seats available for everyone to sit comfortably. We believe there will be trouble from this tightening, but we suspect it will forge itself in a direction unexpected by "blow-up" templates of the past." -- Jeff DeGraaf of Lehman Brothers

  • The metals actually trade relatively dry given the grabby greenback. Then again, I offered a similar vibe on the XAU yesterday and it top ticked the group.

  • What is it about the word coxswain that makes me giggle?

  • If you would like to hear a particular topic discussed at Minyans in the Mountains II, please let us know!

  • And just like that, S&P 1163 is back in the attic.

  • "StreetAccount reported earlier that JagNotes floated the rumor that Waren Buffett has accumulated a position in Novastar. HIGHLY unlikely! The closest to subprime Berkshire owns H&R Block, which owns OptionOne, a subprime lender. Considering Buffett's current outlook on real estate, buying into a subprime lender -- an area he isn't prone to champion in the first place, especially at this point in the interest rate cycle -- doesn't make sense." -- Herb Greenberg of

  • Eight left!

  • Make that seven :(

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