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Random Thoughts


No soup for you?


  • "Do you ever get down on your knees and thank God you know me and have access to my dementia?" George Costanza

  • The definition of an investment should never be a trade that has moved against you.

  • My SPAM eater is definitely chewing up some "good" mail too.

  • Breadth is minty today--4:1 positive on the NYSE and 3:1 in four-letter land.

  • Anyone wanna make a market on Chambo saying "show me economy," "well positioned for the inevitable upturn" or "cautiously optimistic" on tonight's Cisco (CSCO:NASD) call?

  • Enjoying the 'Ville? Please tell a friend as we rely on our readers to help spread the critter vibe.

  • Mind the gap in the S&P (from yesterday's opening). It "fills" at S&P 1099.

  • Show your age and sing it proud

  • In addition to the Cisco disco, Abercrombie (ANF:NYSE), Pan American (PAAS:NASD) and Weight Watchers (WTW:NYSE) will be painting the tape. And so you know, I refuse to listen to the WTW call without a chocolate milkshake and well done fries nearby.

  • Lawyer Larry Feingold, 53, testified at his trial in New York City that he was merely trying to commit suicide in 2003 when he turned on the gas in his apartment and that the subsequent blast that devastated three floors of his building caught him by surprise because he didn't know that gas could explode. "I thought gasoline did," he said, under oath, "but I didn't know about gas." [New York Post]

  • Mr. Snow's new clique should include Nurse Ratched, Randle Patrick McMurphy and Chief Bromden.

  • Dare I say that this Snapper was the "easier" trade (with the benefit of hindsight and noting the dry action in tech yesterday)? Now comes the harder decision--is this a sucker's rally (before the pitfall punch) or will the 200-day/stochastic dynamic power the tape higher (and climb the wall of worry).

  • LL, I'm bad, other rappers know when I enter the center they say 'yo yo there he goes.'

  • Does the SOX retest the 200-day moving average at 480?

  • You can review the Buzz archives in the Gazette.

  • Yes I'm in summer shape...pears are from the summer, right?

  • Officials in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen have established the world's first formal stock market-type arrangement in which farmers and producers can efficiently buy and sell liquid manure. [Reuters] Heck, we do that every day!

  • Just in case you're in a minxy good mood...

  • The banks are begrudgingly participating in this latest lift. If Hoofy is planning on stickin' around, the piggies better get their show on the road.

  • Every trader worth his or her salt has taken a beating. Just like Henry Hill said.

  • We're looking for a hard-working, honest, multi-tasking summer intern to join our family. It's a foot in the door...and if you impress the critters, there is lotsa upward mobility. Perhaps we should hire five interns and have an online apprentice/bachelor combination reality show. The winner gains employment at Minyanville and will marry Ms. Daisy!

  • Unfortunately, if the bucket spills on Carrie, we're all gonna get splattered.

  • From Lehman's talented (and aptly named) technician Jeff DeGraff: "Support at 1090 was undercut, and volume and the modest close suggest that the bounce scenario has a legitimate chance. The short term may have a climactic element to it, but a good deal of internal damage has been done. The market appears to be tracing out a double top formation, and given the amount of distribution over the last 2-months, other than the bounce scenario, playing for something more legitimate should require bullish confirmation on the part of investors."

  • Why is it that every time I'm at a circus I have to walk up to them and say "You CLOWN!"

  • Corey Dillon musta been damaged goods if he was swapped for a second round draft pick. (sour grapes)

  • No, really...Lappy got engaged.

  • Are the hedgies trapped short or are the mutuals trapped long? Both?

  • In Louisville, Ky., local Republican Party activists John Lowler and Peter Hayes feuded recently, with Lowler alleging that Hayes punched him. Lowler had first accused Hayes of smearing him by suggesting that he had recently had gay sex. (Lowler acknowledges that he used to be gay but says he is now straight). Hayes said it was Lowler who smeared first by denigrating Hayes' religion, the Unification Church (headed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon). Hayes told the Louisville Courier-Journal in April that Lowler had taunted him by saying, "Moonie, Moonie, Moonie, Moonie, Moonie." However, Lowler said he could recall saying only "Moonie, Moonie, Moonie." [The Courier-Journal]

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