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Freaky Friday Randoms




  • "Hoofy and Boo are ambassadors with diametrically opposed philosophies, but they're best of friends. They agree to disagree, winning one day and losing the next, knowing they'll be back. And in the end, it's all a game and we can all go back to our families and friends knowing we're putting up a great fight. Like I said, with each day, I used to end with the question, "what did I forget to do today?" Today, my day ends with "what did I do today and where will I go tomorrow?" Kevin Wassong, MV Prez

  • "Florida, Arizona and Vegas - that's where everybody else is going too. It's kind of like the stock market, really," said Boggs.

  • I remember sitting in Elios with Brian Reynolds, enjoying a glass of Brunello and listening to him talk about bogies on the horizon. Blink and ya missed it, the horizon is starting to edge closer.

  • I slipped two legs into my metaphorical bear costume yesterday (50% conviction on the short side) as a function of the low volume lift to resistance, non-confirmations along the way and defined risk above. While I share Boo's concern that some of these levels have become a bit obvious (SOX 420, NDX 1500, S&P 1200), setting stops allows us to remove emotion and trade with discipline.

  • Picking tops is as dangerous as picking bottoms.

  • Labranche (LAB) is blaming unfavorable market conditions, lower volatility and program trading for their morning miss on earnings. While we'll never rub salt in anyone's wounds (not our style), I think this is an inevitable by-product of the State of the Art.

  • A foreclosed conclusion.


  • I had drinks with a good pal (he happens to be a sharp gorilla) and he told me that he was buying value and shorting beta. I think that style ultimately wins but could face speed bumps along the way.

  • Shifting the goal posts?

  • I'm in Bernie's camp on the state of the Vols.

  • Miss Piggy on Atkins?

  • Greg Collins. The definition of tenacity.

  • We power up this Friday pup to find that the world is a quiet place. It's been that way for the better part of the week (see the volume) and it remains to be seen if folks will wake up before our requisite respite. We're in "churn mode" (under resistance)--and I do have the fur on--but today may be all about posturing. We'll know soon enough--and I'll see you on the Buzz!

  • Good luck today.

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