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Random Thoughts


Bring the noise!


  • Alright, let's delegate! Collins, take the crosswords. Meehan, you need a run. I'll cover the rest.

  • I slipped a leg into my metaphorical bear costume near the opening (25% conviction on the short side) and have left a bit of room to scale into further appendages as we edge closer to SOX 420 and, more importantly, S&P 1200. The mindset was mapped out in my morning piece and I'm hopeful that sharing the process will add value regardless of the results. A tight stop remains above the aforementioned pain.

  • Energy Patch!

  • NYSE internals are at the best levels that we've seen in a while. Volume remains suspiciously light.

  • Ever have an Aunt that fibbed?

  • "Hi Todd, I just wanted to follow up on some of the Homie issues. I've been a mid-size builder/developer since 1974.The market I build in is central Illinois--Go Illini!--but the market here is soft, really soft. This reminds me of the 78-80 boom then two year bust. Then as now we could not build/develop fast enough. Then inventory went soft as it now, and the State and National Economic went in the tank. The job market here is negative and that is what drives our industry. History may repeat itself. I really enjoy the 'Ville and the professors. Thank you, Collins,Succo and everyone else for the honest looks. Kindly, Minyan Mike R."

  • Hi-Ho Silver, Away...

  • The trannies are stickin' out like a red thumb.

  • Please note the action in the specialty retailers that Scotto recently flagged.

  • Sometimes I feel like I'm just a Chanukah candle in a wax museum.

  • I offered yesterday that if Aunt Fannie (FNM) ever aged to $65, Boo would be waiting to blow out her candles. I know it's a long shot but if she gets there (particularly with lighter volume) the set-up for a surprise party would be superb.

  • You're allowed one phone call and a bag of Cheetos.

  • Is it possible that we're living the same day over and over while our bodies and souls mature?

  • A house of cards?

  • We've seen some upside call buying in Google (GOOG) and Citigroup (C) today as folks speculate on earnings and expiration.

  • If the name fits...

  • As a Raider fan, nobody was more upset when Barret Robbins was AWOL before Oakland got spanked in the SuperBowl. As someone whose father has acute bipolar disorder, I sincerely hope that this sick man finally finds the treatment he needs to move forward in life.

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