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Hump Day Randoms


Good luck as you mount thy hump!


  • Mime Time!

  • "It's Overly Ugly?"

  • My opening column yesterday had a chance to evolve into a Minyanville Classic but alas, I was "fish-hooked" half-way through it. I'm gonna circle back (at Collins' request) and flesh it out this weekend. There's a lot more to the State of the Art, including ramifications for the NYSE, sell-side traders, buy-side mavens and, perhaps most impacted, the analyst community.

  • It's nice to see Macke gussied up and sharing his flare on Squawk Box. It's the first step towards Minyanvision, my friends and no, I'm not joking!

  • What happens when a bubble has reached maximum capacity? Anyone? Anyone?

  • As the big city enjoyed the first real day of spring and lotsa players were at Yankee Stadium enjoying another win by the Bronx Bombers, the Minx was slinking through one of the quietest sessions in recent memory. For those of us staring at the flickering ticks (raise your hand!), the rub and tug was an anticlimactic affair. In the end, Hoofy couldn't sum up the mojo to mount NDX 1482 and SOX 410-which are initial resistance points-and they remain on the Hump Day radar.

  • Hedges are for gardeners! If we can push through these levels, S&P 1200 and BKX 99 should be more formidable resistance points and-potentially-a shrewd entry point for Boo (particularly if the volume and breadth fail to confirm). If the bulls can't embrace this embryonic race, they won't have the bungee cord (oversold condition) tied around their waist anymore.

  • "Everything You Wanted to Know About The Universe But Were Afraid to Ask," By MV all-star guitar signee Bill Gross.

  • The weekly investor's intelligence figures show bulls at 47.9% vs. 51.6% a week ago (first time bull numbers below 50 since Sept 8th) with bears at 29.2% vs. 28% wk ago.

  • Vibes on the other General.

  • Cat Fight!

  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the IMF's "Global Financial Stability Report'' cautioned that credit derivatives and other complex securities could pose a risk if conditions turned negative. The total credit-derivatives market is valued at more than $1 trillion including collateralized debt obligations or pools of loans divided into layers of risk and return. "If the market conditions turn negative, many investors in these products could rush to exit at the same time, causing market liquidity shortages that could amplify price movements.''

  • The (Lady) Bears finally have their day in the sun!

  • Gold and Silver are trying to hold above $421 and $6.90 as the DXY is eyeing resistance at 85.30. These are all 200-day moving averages and they've serendipitously aligned.

  • The Karachi Krunch! (please take a peek)

  • Good luck today.

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