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Random Thoughts


Adapt...but never defer.


  • Despite identical genetics, your right index finger tastes markedly different from your left index finger.

  • A Minyan points out how inconsistent dandruff readings have been. Agreed--but they've worked pretty well (on the whole) over the last 14 years. Perhaps the proliferation of hedge funds has muted the collective effect?

  • The single most important stock in the entire universe is Citigroup (C:NYSE).

  • Watch the semis as they approach uber-support at SOX 500.

  • If that guy does all the research and his broker makes all the money, doesn't that mean the guy's research is terrible?

  • Sports Illustrated is pickin' the Cubs over the Yankees in the world series. I will say this--if the Yanks are gonna lose to anybody, I hope it's the Cubbies. And yes Tags, I bit my tongue.

  • S&P 1136 (Friday's double bottom) and NDX 1470 (Friday's low) are the nearest term support. A trade through S&P 1147 and NDX 1500 will likely usher in the upside gap vacuum.

  • Has anybody ever seen Daisy and Anette Lie in the same farm at the same time?

  • Leave...the kid....alone.

  • NOW they're talking about the composition of the labor statistics? If I had any hair left, I'd pull it out!

  • Our monster weight loss bet is up on Monday. I dropped from 215 to 203 and was in good shape (pun intended). I've since had an island reversal of my own and haven't seen a scale (or the gym) since.

  • The only chatter on the Street is whether earnings will be good or great.

  • I'm likely gonna be outa the 'Ville on Thursday as my grandmother is craving a margarita and I've always been the enabler!

  • Jimmy may crack corn--and he may be sweet on you--but he can't crack the piggies.

  • The trannies hang tough despite a looming sell signal in the stochastics. (They're scary)

  • It's official--Fokker took the NCAA office pool with yours truly coming in fourth. More importantly, CONGRATS to the UCONN Huskies on their impressive championship run. Class program, class coach, class team and class leadership. We, at Syracuse, proudly hand the trophy to one of our own.

  • BTK 565 is where the biotechs failed in March. Their reaction into that level will differentiate a breakout from a (negative) double top.

  • It ain't cool being a jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving. Yeah!

  • S's over N's (banks over semis). Reversion trade.

  • Enjoying the 'Ville? Become a Minyan Ambassador and profit from your excitement!

  • I'm working on a surprise for this afternoon--no promises, but I'm workin' it.

  • Emeka Okafor or Jameer Nelson?

  • Does the fact that everyone wants to be a technician these days imply that the fundies are about to reassert themselves violently?

  • Equity put/call just ticked at .37. That's not bullish on the margin.

  • There is no truth to the rumor that Mandy Moore, Becky Quick and Daisy have inked a deal to star in The Minxes of Minyanville.

  • Keep an eye on the dollar/yen.

  • If anybody has found Neil Glassman's teeth, please return them promptly to the Wachovia Derivatives Desk.

  • Alright, how many Minyans licked their fingers. Don't you feel silly now?

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